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Busch Gardens vs. Six Flags Great America (by 2 teen boys)

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Our family recently returned from a vacation to Williamsburg, VA. One day most of us decided we wanted to drive out to Virginia Beach for to play in the ocean because it was in the high 90s, but my teen sons wanted to go to Busch Gardens instead. Today, I have an interview with the boys comparing their experience at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg with Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL (where they often go).

Busch Gardens vs. Six Flags Great America by 2 teen boys

Busch Gardens vs. Six Flags Great America (by 2 teen boys):


Busch Gardens

What did you like most about Busch Gardens?

J:  The rides and the feel of it.

B:  I loved it Each of the rides were unique and longer than the average Six Flags rides. I loved how the park was divided into “countries” such as Italy, England, and Germany. The food was much better than average theme park food. The lines were very quick and the workers were very professional.

What about the rides did you like?

J:  They were more fun than the ones at Six Flags Great America.

Which were your favorites?

J:  Verbolten first and either Tempesto and Alpengeist second. Alpengeist is similar to Batman the Ride at Great America.

B: I rode every roller coaster and a 3D ride was my favorite. It was a Volkswagen themed one (Verbolten).

What was better about the “feel” of Busch Gardens.

Each section was a country, and they had that county’s food which was good. For example, they had crepes in France, spaghetti in Italy.

Do you think the workers are not very professional at Six Flags?

B: Right, they aren’t.


Busch Gardens

What food did you eat?

J:  A hamburger (not from a specific country) and a cookie from the candy shop in England.

B: A wrap.

What rides other than roller coasters did you go on?

J:  None.

Did you play any games?

J:  Yes. There’s one where you spray a gun with water in a target. We won a green and black ball toy. Another game you throw balls into a grid of holes. The colored holes got certain prizes. We won a Pokemon stuffed toy for that game.


Busch Gardens Busch Gardens


Busch Gardens

What do you think is better at Great America?

J:  The passes are cheaper. At the rides there are free cubbies to put your backpack/drink bottle. At Busch Gardens, you have to pay for a locker. At Six Flags you can buy a drink bottle that is free to refill every time; at Busch Gardens the refills are $1 each.

Do you think Busch Gardens deserves to cost more than Six Flags?

B: Yes.


B: Because of the professional aspect, the cleanliness, and the rides themselves.

If we visited Williamsburg again, would you want to go back?

B: Yes.

J: Yeah.

(Disclosure: We received 2 free media passes in exchange for an honest review of Busch Gardens.)

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