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25 Lessons in 20th Century European & South American Music Appreciation

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Are there any homeschool moms here who are frustrated that they don’t have the time or means to include music in their homeschools? I’m happy to share my new music appreciation ebook curriculum with you today! It’s called 25 Lessons in 20th Century European & South American Music Appreciation.

25 Lessons in 20th Century European & South American Music Appreciation

25 Lessons in 20th Century European & South American Music Appreciation

You will find 25 separate lessons on different composers, styles, and pieces of the 20th Century by European and South American composers. Included are 2 notebooking pages for older students to record what they learn as well as links to all the music to be listened to. The curriculum is appropriate for grades K-12 and can be used for a half-credit high school credit in music appreciation (or fine arts), but it was specifically written for upper grades.

What’s included in the ebook?

Learn about these composers and music from Europe and South America during the 20th Century:

  • Puccini
  • Mahler
  • Debussy
  • R. Strauss
  • Sibelius
  • Granados
  • De Falla
  • Vaughn Williams
  • Rachmaninoff
  • Schoenberg, Berg, and Webern
  • Holst
  • Ravel
  • Bartok
  • Stravinsky
  • Kodaly and Orff
  • Villa-Lobos
  • Ginastera
  • Prokofiev
  • The Beatles and other pop groups of the British Invasion
  • Hindemith
  • Khatchaturian
  • Shostakovich
  • Messiaen
  • Britten
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber and other composers of musical theater

All links to listen to the music, as well as notebooking pages, are included.

See a sample of 25 Lessons in 20th Century European & South American Music Appreciation here.


“As a music educator, I appreciate the depth and organization Gena has put into her music curriculum. She provides many interesting facts and resources comparable to my college music history classes for high school students to learn about different composers of 20th Century European and South American music.” –Kathy Gossen of Cornerstone Confessions.

“Gena has done it again! This is a wonderfully comprehensive look at musicians from the 20th century, a great addition to her previous curriculum on American artists. There were so many composers whose music I was familiar with but didn’t know their names or anything else about them. I look forward to teaching this in my homeschool!” –Michelle Habrych, homeschool mom of two teens

Companion Product:21 Lessons in 20th Century American Music Appreciation

Buy it separately, or get it with the previous volume 21 Lessons in 20th Century American Music Appreciation to have a full 20th Century music appreciation learning experience.

Online Courses:

Another option is to get a self-paced online course:

20th Century Music Appreciation for High School

If you have a high schooler who needs a fine arts credit, you’ll want to look into this! Once it’s purchased, it’s yours forever, so all of your kids will be able to use it and get a 1/2 or full credit during high school. But, it can also be used for Mom to guide her kids through the 36 weekly lessons and even to teach at a homeschool co-op! (Just check with me to get a license to teach at a co-op.)

Head over to the Music in Our Homeschool Course site to preview some lessons for free. Let me know what you think. I hope you love it! Get15% off any or all courses during 2018 with code 15OFF2018. online courses in music appreciation and Shakespeare

(By the way, the 20th Century Music Appreciation online course includes all the information from the two ebook curricula 21 Lessons in 20th Century American Music Appreciation and 25 Lessons in 20th Century European and South American Music Appreciation.)

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