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Christmas Pictures

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Here is our Christmas picture and the “behind-the-scenes” picture:



We had a great Christmas!  Because of my mom’s illness, she was here unexpectedly for Thanksgiving and up until December 13.  So we had an early Christmas with her on the 12th.


Then we headed up to my in-laws lake house in Wisconsin for a 12-day vacation.  The last two days we had 26 of us in the house–16 of them children!  It was fun, of course.




The cutest baby in the world!

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  2. castlekids says:

    Great Photos! My kids were excited to see another child with Zoob (the crown on your son). We received those as a gift and have been making all sorts of things with them. I've added you to my friends list. Happy New Year!


  3. youngmommy says:

    Adorable pictures… Thanks for sharing them!



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