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Cicada Mania

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We are experiencing quite an interesting phenomena around here.  Brood XIII of the 17-year cicadas have started to appear–millions of them!  It is fascinating what these insects do.  They have been underground for the last 17 years.  Last week when the ground reached about 64 degrees, they crawled out and up as high as they could (a tree, fence).  There they popped out of their skins and became adult cicadas.  Now, they are making a deafening sound as they get ready to mate.  The females will lay the eggs in tree limbs and then the little nymphs will fall down to the ground and and go underground to wait for 17 years to appear again.

There aren’t any around our house.  I’m not sure if we’ll have any because our subdivision is only about 10 years old and was probably a corn field before that.  But maybe our soil just hasn’t reached 64 degrees yet.  We’ll see!

We saw and heard the first ones as we came out of church this morning.  Here is a great video and website if you are interested!

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  2. CarpeBanana says:

    you guys are sure on a real life insect unit, aren't you?

    I would consider studying the plagues right in there with the cicadas. Yuck to me.

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