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The babies have arrived

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The babies are here–and they’re pretty cute.  Well, as cute as a praying mantis can be, that is!  Our last praying mantis of the fall last year produced two egg sacks.  I wasn’t sure that they were going to make it through the winter, but they did.  My husband put the cage out in the garden a few days ago when we saw the first little guy appear.  Then we noticed that a spider had built a web in there and had caught a few of them.  Hopefully, we’ll have some survivors!

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  2. JacqueDixonSoulRestES says:

    We had the same thing a couple of years ago, and we thought they didn't make it. We had the tank that the eggs were in in an outbuilding. When a couple of our children went out there, there were hundreds of babies all over!! We had to open the door and let them all jump out!

    It was crazy!



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