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Cleaning Master Bedroom

Here is my plan for deep cleaning the Master Bedroom.

Day Before:
–Iron bedskirt (already washed)
–Check to see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced
–Remove things from the room that don’t belong (desk, sewing machine, chairs)
–Plan supper for cleaning day
–Gather all supplies and put in a large basket

Supplies in large basket:
step stool, vacuum, cleaning cloth, dusting cloth, window cloth, Basic H (big bottle and 2 spray bottles), furniture polish and cloth, empty laundry basket, other empty basket, old toothbrush, old washcloth for window sills, big sheet to cover mattress, broom, big t-shirt to cover broom, towel to dry fan globes, 3 beach towels to dry blinds, scrub brush, magic eraser and rubber gloves

Cleaning Day:
1.  Have supper prepared or cooking
2.  Leave house for 30 minutes
3.  Remove everything from surfaces in bedroom.  Put laundry in basket.  Put everything else in other basket.  Take down curtains (put outside room) and blinds (put in bathtub).  Start a load of laundry and put curtains in car (to take to dry cleaners).
4.  Ceiling fan:  Put sheet on mattress.  Wipe blades with broom covered with a big t-shirt.  Remove globes and put in kitchen sink with warm sudsy water.  Back upstairs to clean blades with Basic H and cleaning cloth.  Clean ceiling corners with covered broom.  Back downstairs to finish cleaning globes.  Dry them and put back on fan.
5. Clean windows with Basic H and window cloth.  Clean sills with old toothbrush and washcloth.
6.  Wash blinds in warm sudsy water in the bathtub.  Scrub with brush.  Lay on beach towels to dry.
7.  Clean all surfaces in bedroom (furniture polish, mirror, vacuum lamp shades).  Put stuff from basket back in room. 
8.  Clean door, doorknobs, switch plates, moldings, base boards.
9.  Vacuum floor and mattress.
10.  Remove mattress, vacuum under bed, turn mattress–replace on bed and vacuum other side.
11.  Put blinds back up.
11.  Check laundry.  When ready, make bed.

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