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Collage Friday 10/12/12: Birthday, Anniversary, Baby

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1.  We spent last weekend at the Grandparents’ Lake House in Wisconsin.  My husband’s brother and family were also there, and we celebrated 3 kids’ birthdays!  It was a nice relaxing time.  But I came down with a cold (which I still have) and it was freezing!  Snowed on Saturday.

2.  Yesterday we did a science experiment to understand how blubber keeps arctic animals warm in the frigid water.  The kids stuck their fingers in icy water and could only keep them in there for a maximum of 30 seconds.  Then they donned rubber gloves which I covered with petroleum jelly and a plastic bag.  They could then stay underwater for 5 minutes (maybe longer, but they got bored).

3.  Enjoying the beautiful fall colors in the Chicagoland area.

4.  Our sweetie pie turned 4 months yesterday.  I’m so sad that she won’t be a little baby much longer.  I tear up every time I think about it.  I know I need to move her into her crib soon–she’s rolling a lot now–but I’m having a hard time letting go of her sleeping in our bed!

5.  My husband and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary this week.

6.  Baby girl is so happy all the time.  Perhaps it’s because she’s never lacking for attention?

7.  We have a new 6-year-old boy in the house.  Pictures of his birthday will be coming next week.


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  2. I love your photo gallery. The great thing about homeschool is that your whole life is your classroom. Thank you for sharing yours with us all! Be blessed (as I can see you already are!)…

  3. Happy anniversary to you and your hubby! Happy month-iversary to your precious little one, and happy birthday to your big 6-year-old boy! You’ve had a busy week!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! I’m sorry about the cold — and hope you’re feeling better now!!

    Thanks for linking!

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