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Collage Friday: What’s going on around here?

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Valentine Collage

Well, once again we have been extremely busy around the Mayo household.  Above you’ll see my preschoolers making Valentines at our homeschool co-op.  Below, the older kids did some projects to help illustrate light refraction and reflection which goes along with our science curriculum Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics by Fulbright and Christian Kids Explore Physics by Ridlon.


Shrek Video 2 006

A Periscope:

Shrek Video 2 008

My mom visited from California for a week and a half and was thankfully here to see the kids do a number of performances for drama and speech.

(It sure is hard to get everyone to smile at the same time!)

Kinderbach, Precious Moments, Veggie Tales 024

Also, when grandma was here we went to see the movie “Frozen.”  The kids came home and begged to buy the soundtrack.  Here is my oldest and youngest sons sitting at the computer singing all the songs!

Shrek Video 2 011


My second son wasn’t in the musical Shrek but is playing basketball instead.

Shrek Video 2 012

After several of the Shrek performances the cast went to Culver’s Restaurant to eat.  Some didn’t even take off the stage make-up!

Shrek Video 2 015

The 6 older kids also performed in their drama class last week, but I only got video not still pictures of it.  The older boys did a one-act play called the Seussification of Romeo and Juliet which was quite funny!

Then they gave speeches at our Institute for Cultural Communicators class.  The younger ones gave persuasive speeches, 2nd son is doing a great speech on his favorite Bible verse–John 3:16, and my oldest is doing a hilarious interpretation of Green Eggs and Ham.  We were sad to find out that the tournament for speech and debate in our area is the same time as auditions for the next musical (Robin Hood).  We’re going to see if we can get to Michigan for a tournament out there.

And then there’s snow.  Oh, I am so tired of it!

Shrek video 008 Shrek video 011 Shrek video 016


But the kids are having fun with it!

An ice brick (froze water in an orange juice carton).  We’ll have to make a bunch of those next year.

Kinderbach, Precious Moments, Veggie Tales 004


Kinderbach, Precious Moments, Veggie Tales 013

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  2. We have only had snow for a few days and I was really tired of it — I can only imagine what you are feeling, Gena!

    How nice that your mom got to stay for a long visit – great picture on the couch.

    Have a great weekend, and thanks for linking with Collage Friday!

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