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Comments, Facebook, Google Friend Connect and Reader

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1.  I have figured out how to change the settings to allow you all to leave a comment here (without starting your own homeschoolblogger blog)!  If you read this, please leave me a comment so I’ll know it works!

2.  If you’re on Facebook, please “like” I Choose Joy.  There is a like button in my sidebar to make it easy.  I’ll try to post some unique things there.

3.  If you are a part of Google Friend Connect, you can follow me through the box on my sidebar.

4.  I’ve just started using Google Reader.  It’s a great and simple way to read your favorite blogs.  Once  you’ve signed up, you can search for the blogs you like by name (like “I Choose Joy”).  Then you can click the symbol in your computer’s tool bar to take you to the reader each day.

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