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I can’t believe it’s been a month!  I have so many posts to share, but (as you may imagine with the new baby) my time is so limited right now.  We’ve started our full schedule this week, and I’m so tired!

I do want to let you all know about a contest at Lapbook Lessons (link here).  Click on the Giveaway event.   It’s about a fairly new website called Curriculum Share (link here) where homeschoolers can give away (and get) curriculum for FREE–just pay shipping.  Isn’t that a great idea?

If you win the contest, you get the new Time Travelers CD-ROM from Homeschool in the Woods (link here).  It’s about the Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression.  We just started the Civil War one, and I love it!  I was planning on buying this new one in a few months.

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  2. How is that new baby treating you, Gena? I hope all is well with you and your family.

    I think it’s about time you post more pictures! 🙂

    ~ Kristal ~

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