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CTC Math review

CTC Math Review

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CTC Math Curriculum Review

CTC Math provided me with the 12 Month Family Plan (U.S. Curriculum).  I was able to set up accounts for all 8 of my children.

We reviewed CTC Math last year, so you can read some other details at this CTC Math review post.  Today I’ll share some of our other experiences with this wonderful math curriculum.

The first thing is that our last membership ended in March.  We didn’t get renewed until May, and I was worried that all of the kids’ work would disappear.  But it didn’t!  It was all still there, so I was able to see which lessons they had completed (and which of those should be repeated because they didn’t score very highly) and which ones still needed to be done.  The dashboard shows all the math topics and a colored bar to show their “score.”


Almost all of my 8 kids have tried CTC (well, not my 2-year-old!) and have thought it was great!  For this review, it was my 8-year-old son who used it most consistently.  He is definitely the one who enjoys doing schoolwork on the computer the most.  He was doing lessons from both 2nd and 3rd grade.

Math Topics

Here are the lessons available for 2nd grade (those in bold are what he did in the past 6 weeks):

  • Number Patterns & Algebra (whole numbers, addition, subtraction, mental strategies, multiplication, division, fractions, patterns, money)
  • Measurement (length, area, mass, volume & capacity, time)
  • Space and Geometry (angles, plane shapes, position, solids)
  • Statistics and Probability (chance, graphs)

It’s very easy to skip ahead or behind a grade level or more if it’s discovered that a certain concept is too easy or too difficult. He did some lessons in whole numbers and multiplication in 3rd grade. There are also diagnostic tests so you can determine where the student should be.

CTC Math review

I really love that you hear the teacher’s voice explaining the lesson. There are graphics to demonstrate what the concept is.  And then, the kids do the questions.  If they don’t do too well, they can repeat it.  Also, if they get interrupted and have to stop in the middle of the lesson, they can save it.

Weekly Email Report

One thing that was really helpful for me was receiving the weekly email update.  Below is an example of what is included in it:


CTCMath Review


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