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Dinosaur Unit Study and Lapbook

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Dinosaur Lapbook Ideas

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Dinosaur Unit Study and Lapbook

In January we did a unit study and lapbook on dinosaurs (after my 5-year-old son has begged me for months!)

We read through an incredible book called Dinosaurs for Kids by Ken Ham.

We also like the DVD set Dinosaurs, Genesis & the Gospel by Ken Ham and Buddy Davis

If you want to learn about dinosaurs from a biblical perspective, get some of these Answers in Genesis materials!  Yes, God created dinosaurs on Days 5 and 6, along with the other animals.  Yes, the Bible talks about dinosaurs. And, yes, dinosaurs were on Noah’s ark!

Dinosaur Lapbook Materials

The lapbook materials were found for free on HomeschoolShare.

Because I wanted to add a number of coloring pages, I did something a little different with these lapbooks.  I punched three holes in the pages and the folders and tied yarn to hold them in.  The ages of the kids who did these were 3, 5, 6, and 8.

Another fun project to do: make a paper plate dinosaur!

Here’s a Dinosaur Shadow Matching activity to do.

And, you’ll love this Hatching Dinosaur Craft.

If you have little ones, try out the Dinosaur Sensory Bin here.

Lapbook Pictures

Here are pictures of the lapbooks!

Dinosaur lapbook

Dinosaur lapbook

Dinosaur lapbook

Dinosaur lapbook

Dinosaur lapbook

Dinosaur lapbook

Dinosaur lapbook

Dinosaur lapbook

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  2. I like the idea of using the yarn and punching the holes. I’ve been trying to figure out how to best combine lap book elements and coloring book elements together, and I never thought about that 🙂

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