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5 Helpful Things to Do at Home Before Leaving for Vacation

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Preparing for a vacation can be pretty stressful. There is so much to take care of for the trip, that sometimes its hard to remember that your home needs attention too. Do these five things at home before leaving for vacation to ensure returning to a welcoming home after your vacation.

5 Helpful Things to Do at Home Before Leaving for Vacation

Take Care of Your Mail

Ask a neighbor to collect your mail and newspapers or place a hold on them. To place a hold on your mail, visit the post office’s website and fill out the form, which includes notifying the post office of your vacation dates. The post office will hold your mail from three to 30 days and will deliver it to your home at the end of your trip. You should also pay your bills or set up automatic payments so you don’t need to worry about missing a payment while you’re away.

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Clean Your Kitchen Before Leaving for Vacation

The days leading up to your trip, try to eat as much perishable foods in your fridge as possible. Throw away any perishable items that you couldn’t eat, in addition to any fruits and vegetables in your pantry that may go bad. Clear crumbs from the countertops and floors and put all food in away in cabinets to avoid attracting bugs. Before you leave your home for your trip, also be sure to empty the trash can in the kitchen and wash any dirty dishes that may be lying around the house.

Plug and Unplug

Before leaving for vacation, plug in all electronic items (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) that you plan on taking on your trip to be sure they are fully charged before you leave. On the day of your trip, you may want to unplug all electronics throughout your home. Turn off lights in your house as you leave, and set timers for a few lights or lamps in a couple of rooms. Set your home alarm and notify the alarm company of the dates you’ll be away from home.

Turn off Your Water

Water problems can happen in an instant, and if you’re not home to take care of the issue right away, a small leak can easily turn into a major flood. If you’re going to be away from your house for more than a few days, it’s a good idea to turn off your main water supply to avoid water damage while you’re on your trip.

Prepare for Your Return

You know you’re going to be tired from traveling at the end of your trip, so getting your home ready for your return before you leave can stretch your vacation a little while longer. In addition to cleaning the house, finish your laundry and put fresh sheets on your bed. It’s also helpful to freeze a delicious meal so you have something at home to eat when you return!

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What’s your best tip for preparing for a trip out of town? What do you do before leaving for vacation?

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  2. We always clean before we leave. I do not want to come home (with mountains of laundry) to a messy house. Turning off the water, however, is something we never thought of before. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    1. It’s probably not always necessary, but could prevent a mess!

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