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8 Simple Hacks to Make Vacation Packing Super Easy

8 Simple Hacks to Make Vacation Packing Super Easy! #vacation #vacationwithkids #ichoosejoyblog
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Packing for a family vacation is often a daunting task, especially when you’re bringing the kids along. There are so many things to consider when trying to figure out what to bring on your trip – the weather at your destination, how much luggage you’ll bring, how long you’ll be gone, and what you’ll be doing. With all of this in mind, it’s easy to overpack or under-pack for your summer vacation. However, with these simple packing hacks, you’ll make vacation packing super easy and pack like a pro in no time!

Make a Master List

Start packing for vacation by sitting down and outlining the most essential items you’ll need for your trip. Consider clothing, toiletries, electronics; seasonal items like sunglasses and bathing suits or snow pants and ice skates; and all those baby or toddler items you find essential.

Now, save each master list as you make them for various trips (“Winter to Grandmas,” “Summer to Disneyland,” etc.) so you don’t have to re-make them next time.

8 Simple Hacks to Make Vacation Packing Super Easy

Give Each Kid Their Own List

I give each of my kids a check-off list so they know how many of each item to pack. It saves me so much time to just check their bags instead of packing them completely myself.

Pick Outfits Before Packing

Before putting any clothing in your suitcases, lay out each outfit you’ll wear on your trip. This packing hack will make it easier for you to see what you’re packing in your suitcase and will make unpacking a little easier when you arrive at your destination.

One little trick I’ve tried is to put each of the kids’ outfits in separate large Ziploc bags. You can even label them with the day of the week. That way they know what to wear each day!

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Roll Your Clothes

Isn’t it frustrating to unpack and have all your clothes wrinkled? To make sure everything fits in as little space as possible, roll your clothes instead of folding them. This packing method not only saves space, but it also keeps your clothing from getting too wrinkled in the suitcase.

Plastic Wrap Your Bottles

To keep your bottles of shampoo and lotion from leaking everywhere, remove the lids and place a piece of plastic wrap over the top. When you screw the lid back on, the contents of the bottle will be sealed even if the lid pops open during travel.

Make Use of Wasted Space

Saving space inside your suitcase will make room for more things in the long run, so making use of every square inch is important. Consider placing smaller items like socks and underwear inside shoes to make use of wasted space and help the shoes retain their shape.

Jewelry Packing Hacks

Jewelry is probably one of the more difficult things to pack. Either it gets tangled together or you lose pieces to a set inside your suitcase. To prevent jewelry from getting tangled, lay each piece between two sheets of plastic wrap, then place the sheet of jewelry in your suitcase. You can also avoid losing small pieces of jewelry, like earrings or rings, by placing each set in a snack-size plastic bag.

Organize Tech Gear

Keep your charging cables organized by placing all together in one place. If your cords are small enough, store them in an old glasses case. Larger cords can be placed in a large Ziploc bag for easy access.

Download “How to Make Vacation Packing Easy” Printable Here

Use these 8 hacks to make vacation packing easy. Download your own printable list of the 8 hacks here:

8 Simple Hacks to Make Vacation Packing Super Easy

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