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Duggar Family on The View

Have you seen this?  I really admire this family and am so glad they were able to share their faith with so many people!

I’m going to remember that she says there is a "crisis" every 30 minutes, and try not to get frustrated when that is the case at my house, too!

Also, yes, "labor" is called labor for a reason!  My husband said this last time, "It hurts less the more you have, right?" 
"Uh, no.  It doesn’t!"

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This video says it isn't available any more.

    :o) Rachel

  2. I just checked it and it still worked.


  3. Anonymous says:

    It worked the second time – yay! Wow, they did so well answering those questions thrown at them by such liberal ladies!!! I totally wouldn't have been able to handle it all as graciously as them. I guess that's why God put them in the limelight and not me!

    :o) Rachel (mommy to six beautiful blessings and step-mom to another beautiful blessing)

  4. Anonymous says:

    A crisis is not so big when we look at it through God's eyes.That's what I love about her as a mom…she seems to look at everything, even a three year throwing a fit, through God's eyes…something I'm working on 🙂 You can tell she truly feels each one is a gift from God and tresures them that way. I sure do love this family…would love to met them on this side of eternity!

    Dawn P. from IN

    [email protected]

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