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5 Wonderful Benefits of Using Online Learning to do Early Math

I love doing natural “living” math with my youngest kids. I have rarely used an actual math curriculum all year long with them. But there are times when it’s also great to give them something from a real math curriculum. That’s what I’ve been doing with my 6-year-old (almost 7) this summer. Here are 5 Wonderful Benefits of Using Online Learning to do Early Math. This is a sponsored post. I received this product for free and was compensated for my time by CTCMath. All opinions are completely my own.

5 Wonderful Benefits of Using Online Learning to do Early Math

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time reviewing CTCMath and for writing this honest review. I get commissions for purchases made through affiliate links in this post.

What are the Benefits of Online Learning for Early Math?

He learns how to use the computer for online learning:

It seems that every year we have more and more of our educational experiences online. Online courses are growing exponentially, and I’ve found some really amazing ways for my kids to learn a subject I’m not very good at teaching. Doing CTCMath on the computer has helped my son understand how to sign in (log in), use the mouse, find his place when he has to stop and come back to it, and many other useful skills.

Using CTCMath for Summer Early Math Practice

Learn concepts I wasn’t already planning to teach in our everyday life:

Some of the concepts in 1st Grade early math at CTCMath I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t naturally weave into our daily life. He’s learning things about the “language of chance” and “measuring mass using scales.”

Using CTCMath for Summer Early Math Practice

Great way to continue doing math in the summer

I think we all know that if you don’t “use it,”  you “lose it.” That is certainly true of math, and not just the early years but all ages. I don’t want our back-to-school math times to be completely a review every fall, so I have my kids continue to do math practice throughout the summer. Unless they really want to continue their regular curriculum, I have them do something different. CTCMath is one of these options!

Using CTCMath for Summer Early Math Practice

Keeps track of all he learns, what he has mastered, and what he still needs work on.

I really love how CTCMath keeps records. It’s easy to see at a glance (both for me in the parent account and him in the student account) what he has completed and whether it’s mastered. I can also see what he still needs to do. I love that I get a weekly email that gives me a report of what was done throughout the week, so even if I don’t actually get into the account weekly, I know what’s going on and whether he’s struggling in a certain area.

Using CTCMath for Summer Early Math Practice

It’s fun!

I want our summertime learning to be fun for my kids, and different from what they do during the school year. CTCMath has done this for my youngest son. He really enjoys the program. My son likes online learning, and I love that this early math practice doesn’t just have to be used on the desktop computer. He can do it on the iPad as well. The videos are tailored to his age and talk about objects and use pictures of things he knows about. I think my son also really likes the teacher’s Australian accent!

Using CTCMath for Summer Early Math Practice


CTC Math is one of those programs that has truly helped me reach my summer goals with my kids. There are so many wonderful benefits of using online learning to do early math, and CTCMath has made it a breeze.

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