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The Ultimate List of Elementary World Geography Resources

Have you studied world geography in your elementary homeschool yet? Or, does the thought intimidate you? It doesn’t have to! There are some amazing resources out that that will make your study both super fun and super easy! Read on for The Ultimate List of Elementary World Geography Resources.

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through affiliate links in this post.

The Ultimate List of Elementary World Geography Resources!

The following books and DVDs go along perfectly with the elementary world geography online course My First Amazing Journey Around the World.

My First Amazing Journey Around the World elementary world geography

My First Journey Around the World online course

World Fast Fact Cards Download here:

Countries of the World Fast Fact Cards & Notebooking Pages

Countries of the World Fast Fact Cards and Notebooking Pages. 66-page set free for a limited time!

66 Pages

Purchase it here.

World Geography Resources

Thank you to the following companies for sponsoring the During-Launch Giveaway from August 10-15, 2020! 

  • Home School Adventure Co.
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  • Literary Adventures for Kids
  • They Call Me Blessed
  • Homeschool Giveaways
  • Mr. D Math
  • Notgrass
  • Our Journey Westward
  • Techie Homeschool Mom
  • Geography Matters
  • Masterpiece Society
  • Music in Our Homeschool

15 Winners, Prizes worth over $600, prizes are for various ages (elementary through adult!)

These are the prizes:

  • Home School Adventure Co. One winner gets Walking with the Waodani unit study, ebook version ($18.95 value)  The winner is Jenna G.
  • Flip Flop Spanish One winner gets See It and Say It Whole Family Spanish curriculum, digital version (flash cards not incl.) ($49.97 value)  The winner is Suzanne K.
  • Literary Adventures for Kids One winner gets Number the Stars online book club  ($20 value)  The winner is Priscilla.
  • They Call Me Blessed One winner gets Hebrew for Homeschoolers online course ($77 value)  The winner is Erica D.
  • Homeschool Giveaways One winner gets Geography Activity Pack, ebook version ($15 value)  The winner is Melanie C.
  • Mr. D Math One winner gets Flamenco Dance online course ($97 value)  The winner is Luca M. R.
  • Mr. D Math One winner gets Flamenco Guitar online course ($97 value)  The winner is Mariette.
  • Notgrass One winner gets Homeschool History annual membership ($24 value)  The winner is Amanda. 
  • Our Journey Westward One winner gets Desert Biomes No Sweat Nature Study ebook curriculum  ($14 value)  The winner is Lillian W.
  • Our Journey Westward One winner gets Rainforest Biomes No Sweat Nature Study ebook curriculum  ($14 value)  The winner is Wendy.
  • Techie Homeschool Mom One winner gets Christmas Around the World Online Unit Study ($24 value)  The winner is Myra F.
  • Techie Homeschool Mom One winner gets Ancient Greece Online Unit Study ($24 value)  The winner is Erin I.
  • Geography Matters One winner gets Ultimate Geography & Timeline Guide, digital version ($34.95 value)  The winner is Kim C. 
  • Masterpiece Society One winner gets Art Appreciation Complete Set Two, ebook curriculum ($87 value)  The winner is Janet B.
  • Music in Our Homeschool One winner gets $25 Amazon Gift Card to buy geography resources!  The winner is Juli M. F.

Rules:  You must be 18 or older to enter to win. I ask that you only enter the giveaway if you are a homeschool mom or a teacher. Gena, I Choose Joy!, and Music in Our Homeschool are not responsible if the companies above do not fulfill the prizes to the winners.

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See below for more detailed descriptions of the giveaway prizes!

Ecuador Unit Study

Home School Adventure Co. has an exciting unit study called Walking with the Waodani: Adventures in Ecuador by Stacy Farrell.

Walking with the Waodani study

It’s a unit study that will is a unit study that will introduce your family to some of the most amazing people and places, meals and markets, animals and agriculture, and worlds and worldviews of the country of Ecuador — as experienced through the eyes of a homeschool graduate.

  • Hear the story of the five martyred missionaries of Operation Auca.
  • Learn how Jesus transformed a savage killer into a humble evangelist — and fostered a deep and abiding love between a young man and the warrior who murdered his father.
  • Review exotic recipes for ferocious fish and giant grubs.
  • Discover how one of the first flying cars can be used to meet needs of those isolated in the jungle.

$18.95 value!

You can get a free preview of the Walking with the Waodani study here:

Walking with the Waodani Adventures in Ecuador unit study

Geography Activity Pack

In the Geography Activity Pack, students will explore every independent country in the world plus discover the most significant mountains, deserts, rivers, and lakes.  124-pages

Geography Activity Pack

  • Cheat sheets for 199 countries, capitals, continents, and regions
  • Worksheets for students to label 130 physical features
  • Worksheets for students to label all 199 countries
  • Fact cards with maps of the regions of the world along with the countries found in each and their capitals
  • Blank fact cards with maps of the regions of the world along with the countries found in each with blanks for students to write their capitals

Geography Activity Pack

$15 value!

New: Daily Skill Building: World Geography & History: 

Do you need a middle school or high school world geography and history curriculum that is fun, easy to use, and open and go – no teacher’s guide required?

Daily Skill Building World Geography and History

Your students can dive in with Daily Skill Building: World Geography & History and learn about the geography and history of the 102 independent countries of Africa and Asia.

Includes text, student book, and answer key. For grades 5 and up.

Flamenco Dance and Guitar Instructional Courses

Mr. D math doesn’t just have math courses! I was thrilled to learn about his courses in Spanish Flamenco Dance and Flamenco Guitar.

Flamenco Dance course from Mr. D. Math site

Flamenco Dance online course

Miss Marta is your teacher. Through the online course site, you’ll learn what Flamenco dance is and how to do each part of the choreography. Many of the lessons encourage the student to video themselves dancing and submit it to the teacher to get feedback!

The lessons include

  • Introduction to Flamenco Dancing
  • Beginning Footwork and Hands
  • El Golpe and Body Posturing
  • Marcaje
  • Zapateados and Arms
  • More Pitos and more Marcajes
  • Putting it all together, part 1
  • Putting it all together, part 2
  • Review for final choreography
  • Final choreography

$97 value!

Flamenco Guitar online course

Flamenco Guitar course from Mr. D Math site

Diego, one of the best flamenco guitarists in the world, is your teacher for this beginning Flamenco guitar course. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Introduction to Diego Losada and the Flamenco guitar
  • The Complete Arpeggio
  • All Thumbs
  • Review and the “Picado”
  • Playing with the Left Hand
  • Putting it All Together

$97 value!

The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide 4th Ed.

Geography Matters is excited to release the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide. A number of changes makes this proven resource even more user friendly.

  • Fully updated
  • New website listings
  • Fresh new look
  • More convenient size
  • 180 printable student pages, maps, and charts in digital download format

This one source book provides you with all you need to know to teach this vital subject from kindergarten through high school. Part lesson plan, part unit study, part inspiration, and more.

From selecting appropriate reference materials, to constructing a timeline, to establishing a student notebook, this book will guide you through literature (with Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates), science, history, and includes a complete multi-level geography course for middle and high school students, with Geography Matters’ reproducible outline maps. To help keep history in perspective use any of the over 300 historical timeline figures, and notebook timeline.

This is a recommended resource for use with Trail Guide to World Geography and is referenced by page number throughout the course.

$34.95 value!

Foreign Language:


By the way, here is a little information from Suzanne Gose, the creator of Flip Flop Spanish See It and Say It (SiSi) Whole Family Homeschool Spanish.

Flip Flop Spanish "See It and Say It" whole family homeschool Spanish curriculum!

The See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish bundle is a two-year curriculum designed around the Charlotte Mason methodology. Simple concepts and words are introduced as pictures and once the foundation of a new language is established, the program builds the student into a bilingual speaker. Designed specifically for audial, visual, and tactile learning styles, See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish has all the tools necessary to engage every type of student.

  • Fun for the Entire Family
  • Minimal Lesson Plan Preparation (Each week (one lesson) will include three sessions, approximately 15 minutes each. The parent’s prep is to simply find the cards, lay them out, and push play.
  • Easy Implementation
  • Supplemental Materials / Ideas
  • **Flashcards need to be purchased separately to make the ebook functional

$49.97 value!


Hebrew for Homeschoolers for beginnersis a unique online course written by Ana Willis.

Hebrew for Homeschoolers online course

You’ll learn:

  • The Alef-Bet (Hebrew alphabet)
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Greetings
  • Basic vocabulary
  • Biblical vocabulary
  • Hebrew songs

In only 10 weeks you and your children will be able to read, write and speak Hebrew for beginners and have basic conversations. How fun will this be?

$77 value!

Art Appreciation

Masterpiece Society has an amazing set of artists from around the world.

Masterpiece Society Art Appreciation Bundle, Set Two (6 Volumes) includes:

Cassatt, Cezanne, Degas, Durer, Matisse, & Vermeer

This digital curriculum for homeschool art appreciation has been developed with the busy mom in mind – no prep time or other materials necessary – photographs of each painting, lessons, kid-friendly video links, art templates, and notebooking pages are all included!

$87 value!

Online Unit Studies

Techie Homeschool Mom has the BEST online unit studies! There are four that are particularly good for world geography:

Christmas Around the World Online Unit Study:

Learn about how Christmas is celebrated in 10 different countries around the world, including their Christmas traditions. Create hands-on and digital projects and prepare an ethnic Christmas feast!

$24 value!

Ancient Greece Online Unit Study Contents

  • Introduction to Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Greek City-States
  • Daily Life in Ancient Greece
  • City Life in Ancient Greece
  • Greek Arts & Architecture
  • Greek Innovations
  • Greek Warfare
  • Greek Mythology
  • Host a Greek Symposium

Along with fun hands-on projects, students will learn to create an online Time Travel Journal using a presentation webtool.

$24 value!

Online Book Club

Literary Adventures for Kids has some incredible online book clubs. The one I’d like to feature here is about the book Number the Stars.

Number the Stars online book club

In this course, Number the Stars Online Book Club, we will read through the book Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. As we are reading, we will go on rabbit trails of discovery into history, language, religion, and more. We will find ways to learn by experiencing parts of the book through hands-on activities.

At the conclusion of the story, you’ll have a party to celebrate the bravery of the Danish people.

Join us on an adventure into this heart-gripping historical fiction about the courage of a few people who stood for what was right.

$20 value!

No Sweat Nature Studies

No Sweat Nature Studies are perfect for homeschool moms who want a nature-study-ish type of science curriculum for their kids, but aren’t the best at getting outside and making it happen themselves (like me!).

I’m using these studies, as well as the twice-a-month No Sweat Nature Study Live classes for our elementary science this year.

The two that fit perfectly with world geography are Desert Biomes and Rainforest Biomes.

No Sweat Nature Study Desert Biomes

Desert Biomes

Eight creative lessons, appropriate for multiple ages between 1st-8th grades, cover the following topics:

  1. What are Desert Biomes?
  2. Famous Deserts
  3. Typical Desert Temperatures
  4. Desert Plants
  5. Diurnal Desert Animals
  6. Nocturnal Desert Animals
  7. Desert Landforms
  8. A Special Oasis

Be careful. After finishing this curriculum, you just might want to visit deserts all over the world in person!

$14 value!

No Sweat Nature Study Rainforest Biomes

Rainforest Biomes

We can learn amazing facts, watch really cool videos, observe the most colorful specimens you can imagine, and have some fun with rainforest experiments. It will almost be like we’re there. Almost.

Each time we venture into the rainforest, we can focus on something new and exciting:

  • What are rainforest biomes?
  • How is a tropical rainforest different from a temperate rainforest?
  • What are the layers you find in a rainforest?
  • What does biodiversity mean?
  • What are the most colorful animals you can find in rainforests?
  • Do dangerous animals live there?
  • What are some interesting rainforest plants?
  • Do medicines and spices really come from the rainforest?

$14 value!

Homeschool History Membership

The Homeschool History membership from Notgrass helps you find history-related (and geography-related!) videos, websites, games, and more.

Homeschool History is a web-based app that you can access from any device. Search by topic, time period, country or region, and type of resource. Find books to check out at your local library. Find videos available to watch for free and movies available on streaming services. Find field trips near and far. Connect with other parents to share ideas and identify the best resources for your family.

$24 value! - Start Your Free Trial

 $25 Amazon Gift Card

Use this gift card to buy a geography resource like a game, globe, map, or books! Sponsored by Music in Our Homeschool.

$25 value!

Thank you to the following companies for sponsoring the Big Pre-Launch Giveaway from August 3-7, 2020!

  • The Mystery of History
  • Bright Ideas Press
  • Productive Homeschooling
  • Funda Funda Academy
  • Lets Go Geography
  • Captivating Compass
  • Homeschool in the Woods
  • Chalk Pastel
  • Music in Our Homeschool

15 Winners, Prizes worth over $700, prizes are for various ages (elementary through adult!)

World Music for Elementary online course

World Music for Elementary from Music in Our Homeschool

Description: Learn about traditional and folk instruments, folk dances, & traditional musical styles from all around the world.

Travel around the world with us in this super fun, easy-to-use, click-and-go music appreciation course. You and your students will LOVE the 65 lessons included in the World Music for Elementary online course! Each lesson is about the music of a different country or area of the world. You’ll learn about unique instruments, folk dances, songs, and styles.

  • Listen to music sung in other languages.
  • See indigenous people perform their music for you.
  • Learn to love the people and their music from all around the world!

World Music for Elementary is a perfect complement to any world geography or history course. Each lesson should take you around 15-30 minutes, excluding the Optional Activity. Some lessons, but not all, include instrument notebooking pages as well!

Check out Free Previews:

Every lesson also includes an Optional Activity which requires more time, and often requires extra materials, so that’s why they are optional! Pick and choose which you like, simplify them, or feel free to skip them all.

What are some of the optional activities?

  • Make a homemade world instrument
  • Learn a folk dance from another country
  • Do a craft or art project inspired by the country

Giving away: Two winners will receive lifetime access to the World Music for Elementary online course. ($57 value each).  The winners are Michelle S. and Donna H.

World Music for Elementary online course

The Mystery of History:Audiobook of The Mystery of History, volume 1

Description: Bring The Mystery of History to life! Through our downloadable MP3 files, you can listen to The Mystery of History Volume I (Second Edition*) through the voice of the author, Linda Lacour Hobar. With the addition of soft thematic music, you’ll feel as if you’re traveling through time.  In the car, over lunch, before bed, or as an integral part of your school day – there are endless ways for all ages to benefit from this listening library of world history.  Total listening time is 11 hours and 14 minutes.
Giving away: One winner will receive the mp3 version of The Mystery of History, volume 1, from Bright Ideas Press. ($40 value)  The winner is Judith M.
The Mystery of History audio book

World Maps and Country Study Notebooking Pages from Productive Homeschooling

Productive Homeschooling  provides notebooking pages for all ages and all subjects!

Giving away: One winner will receive both sets (World Maps and Country Study). (total value $8). The winner is Kezia G.

Description: Globe-style, Mercator-style, and Mollweide-style maps and notebooking pages (over 40 layouts).
World Maps notebooking pages from Productive Homeschooling
Description: Nearly 200 individual country study notebooking sets. Each set contains over 120 notebooking pages.
Country Study notebooking pages from Productive Homeschooling

Around South America in 30 Daysonline course from Funda Funda Academy

Description: Learn about South America through interesting videos, infographics, fun games, web quests and hands-on activities. We have included a variety of different types of activities in order to appeal to different learning styles. Work through all the assignments in each module – or just the ones you choose. The unit study covers the physical and political geography of South America and takes a quick look at the countries that make up the continent

Giving away: One winner will receive Around South America in 30 Days. ($20 value). The winner is Hilda M.

Around South America in 30 Days from Funda Funda Academy

LetsGoGeography Geography courses for Elementary

Description: Your K-5th grade student will explore a different country in almost every lesson.  Each unit is about 35 pages long and packed with activities for maps, flags, songs, writing, looking at pictures, watching videos, coloring, and making a project based on the theme country.

Year 1 Let's Go Geography

You get 32-week’s of lessons that can be used with multiple kids in multiple grade levels. Each lesson features a fun craft.

Giving away: Two winners! One will receive Year 1 and the other will receive Year 2. (It doesn’t matter if you start with Year 1 or Year 2. They just cover different countries of the world.) ($27.99 value, each course) The winner of Year 1 is Becky C. The winner of Year 2 is Neches.

Year 2 Let's Go Geography


Description: Maps are an integral part of many homeschooling projects, from lap-books to notebooks to posters. WonderMaps is sure to become a go-to resource! A customizable, printable collection of over 300 maps, WonderMaps includes:

  • Historical and modern-day maps
  • Outline, reference, political, and topographical maps
  • Black-and-white and color maps
  • Features including names, borders, rivers, cities, physical features, and graticules
  • 75 Maps of the World
  • 60+ USA Maps
  • 150 Historical Maps, Including 30 Biblical Maps
  • Complete map sets to accompany The Mystery of History Vol. I-IV and All American History Vol. I & II

Giving away: WonderMaps to one winner! ($49.95 value) The winner is Julie S.


World Maps from Homeschool in the Woods

Description: The World Maps set offers maps in Ancient and Modern styles! Determine the locations of countries, cities, landforms, rivers, and bodies of water in relation to the world around them! Maps are offered in a variety of ways, such as with and without labels, with and without particular borders, and with a blank title frame for you to fill in for specific projects! Create your own titles such as the Crusades, The Silk Route, Barbarian Invasions, weather patterns, and much more! Modern maps contain political lines while the ancient maps are presented in physical map format.

Giving away: One winner will receive a digital copy of World Maps. ($18.95 value) The winner is Bradi.

World Maps from Homeschool in the Woods

You ARE an ARTiST Complete Clubhouse

You ARE an ARTiST Complete Clubhouse is an Art membership, which includes lessons for the World Landmarks series. Membership includes access to all lessons and to exclusive series: Maps, World Landmarks, Hymns, Famous Artists, Presidents and much more.

World Landmarks is part of the "I Drew It Then I Knew It" in the Your ARE an ARTist clubhouse membership
Giving away: One FREE month of You ARE an ARTiST Complete Clubhouse with access to ALL 600+ video art lessons for all ages and exclusive I Drew It Then I Knew It art series. ($30 value) The winner is Sarah L.
You Are an Artist Clubhouse art membership

My First Amazing Journey Around the World elementary world geography course

Description: My First Amazing Journey Around the World is a full-year elementary world geography online course that will be housed at Music in Our Homeschool and added to the Music in Our Homeschool Plus membership on August 8!
Come along with Sam, a 5th-grade boy from Oklahoma in the USA, as he embarks on a world-wide adventure with his uncle Scott. They will travel the rain forests of South America, the mountains of Asia, and even the sophisticated castles of Europe. Throughout the journey, Sam will share all sorts of fun things he’s learning about 60+ countries of the world. including cultural traditions, favorite foods, famous landmarks, and more.
This course makes geography come alive like never before as it points beyond traditional geographical information to God’s heart for ALL people! Come join the journey!

Giving away: Two winners will receive lifetime memberships to My First Amazing Journey Around the World. ($77 value each). The winners are Valarie H. and Shannon A.

My First Amazing Journey Around the World elementary world geography from Music in Our Homeschool

Two Captivating Compass courses

Let’s Study Dickens’ Victorian England

Description: One of the best places to study Charles Dickens is in London. Specifically the Bloomsbury neighborhood. Combine the Let’s Study Dickens Victorian England unit study with the London For Families Bloomsbury Travel Guide. You can learn like a local with the Dickens’ London Bundle.
Giving Away: One winner will receive Let’s Study Dickens’ Victorian England. ($30 value) The winner is Rosemary K.
Dickens London course from Captivating Compass
Description: You really can use the world as your classroom with this online, eight module course! Enrich your homeschool by planning staycations, family days out, or epic family adventures based on your homeschool curriculum. Choose a travel destination and plan your homeschool with a family trip in mind. Learn how to utilize virtual learning in your homeschool as a way to inspire, educate, and plan the next family travel adventure.

Giving Away: One winner will receive How To Turn Any Homeschool Curriculum Into A Family Travel Adventure. ($79 value) The winner is Jessica M.

2020 Homeschool Family Travel adventure from Captivating Compass

More Amazing Geography Resources!

Around the World Stories

Follow the adventures of children from all around Asia. (There is also a set for stories of Europe.)
You will receive immediate, lifetime access to 38 stories about different Asian countries, then a new 30-minute story each week until you have all 52 stories! See more about Around the World Stories here.

Christian Heroes Biographies

I have read numerous Christian Hero Biographies from Geoff and Janet Benge and I have loved every single one of them!

We read about Gladys Aylward when studying about China, David Livingstone when studying about Africa, and Nate Saint when studying about South America.

I also love the Heroes of History biographies they’ve written.

Exploring World Geography for high school

This new curriculum called Exploring World Geography by Ray Notgrass is a one-year high school course that describes and explains the world God created. Students will learn about mankind’s interaction with the world both in the past and in the present.

Your high school student will gain a rich understanding of physical and human geography through reading the narrative lessons, studying the maps and completing map assignments, reading literature about people and places around the world, completing writing assignments and hands-on projects, and gaining a Biblical perspective on world religions and culture.

Exploring World Geography for high school by Notgrass

More Online Unit Studies:

Ancient Egypt Online Unit Study Contents

  • Egyptian Civilization
  • Hieroglyphics
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Egyptian Daily Life
  • Inventions and Technology of Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Egyptian Clothing
  • Famous Egyptians
  • Pyramids
  • Mummies

Along with fun hands-on projects, students will learn to create a digital presentation using a graphic design app.

Ancient Rome Online Unit Study Contents

  • Introduction to Ancient Rome
  • Roman Mythology
  • Daily Life in Rome
  • Roman Architecture and Engineering
  • Roman Government
  • The Roman Language
  • Entertainment in Ancient Rome
  • Roman Military and War

Along with fun hands-on projects, students will learn to create a Quiz Game app.

Gena’s Amazon Store

You can find links to many geography products and resources such as Globes, Maps, Atlases, Stories from Around the World, World Recipes, World Arts and Crafts, Costumes/Native/Folk Dress, Flags, Animals (books, stuffed, toys), and Games in my Amazon store here: World Geography Resources and Geography Books!


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    Thank you so very much to all who have given much for these amazing giveaways and I am grateful for the opportunity to enter. It is so hard to pin down one option that my heart leans towards as my favorite choice, but I know that “World Maps and Country Study Notebooking Pages From Productive Homeschooling” is fabulous (I wrote down all options on paper, put into a cap and drew the winner simply because all are winners in my book and I could not choose)!

  43. This is an awesome giveaway! My daughter would go crazy for the Ukalele!

  44. Wow.. Everything looks so cool. I don’t think I have a favorite thing, but should be excited to win anything that should enrich our first time homeschooling year!

  45. Erica DeFord says:

    Thanks for another chance to win!

  46. Erica DeFord says:

    Hoping to win Ultimate Geography

  47. shannon cox says:

    I am excited about chance to win Masterpiece Society set as I’ve heard rave reviews of these products!

  48. Kathleen Parker says:

    I am looking forward to the Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide.

  49. Allestad Family says:

    Walking with the Waodoni looks amazing!

  50. charissa reed says:

    I like the Christmas Around the World course

  51. I would love to get the No Sweat Nature Studies as we are planning to start our homeschool journey the Charlotte Mason way.

  52. Jamie Pinkney says:

    I’m most excited about flip flop Spanish. I don’t speak another language so learning with my 4 kiddos could be fun. I don’t think my home school budget could handle a tutor right now.

  53. Kim Clark says:

    It is so hard to choose just one but I think the Walking with the Waodani unit study excites me the most. I would love to do this study so the kids and I can learn more about Ecuador and it’s people.

  54. Rubyann A says:

    The Masterpiece Society Art Appreciation Set looks great!

  55. I would love the Hebrew course. I’ve studied it, but introducing advanced topics to my children is so daunting.

  56. Kristy Mead says:

    I am excited about the Hebrew for homeschoolers online course. The course sounds just like what we are after.

  57. Shannon H says:

    Flip Flop Spanish – See it Say it would be great!

  58. Beth Drees says:

    Thanks for hosting a second geography giveaway! The art appreciation program looks beautiful.

  59. Geography matters sounds great!! But it all does really!

  60. Corrie David says:

    Thank you for this second opportunity to enter another giveaway! There are so many awesome things included!

  61. I am excited about The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide. I like that it engages the children to learn geography with other subjects, and hence it makes them more interested in learning geography.

  62. Michelle Gundaker says:

    Walking with the Waodani unit study

  63. The flamenco ? course looks like so much fun! My daughter has a dress her aunt brought her from Spain. I know she’d love to learn how to really “dance” while wearing it!

  64. Kristin Donley says:

    Christmas around the world study. I love the holidays and learning more about how it is celebrated in each country I think brings an important lesson to our children.

  65. Kathy Moya says:

    I am most excited for the Ultimate geography and timeline. I just love that the child will get to learn geography along with a timeline!

  66. MONIQUE RANGEL says:

    I am excited to see some bilingual material added into this bundle! OF course a Christmas around the World study would be so much fun!

  67. Marisa Scott says:

    I would love the Geography Activity pack!

  68. Amy Daniels says:

    It’s so hard to choose just one! I’d love to win any of them but the Spanish Digital Curriculum would really be helpful and my boys would love the guitar course. And of course I can always use a $25 gift card for Amazon for supplies! Thanks for these giveaways ?

  69. I love anything from Literary Adventures for Kids, GeoMatters and I choose joy/music in our homeschool.

  70. and homeschool giveaways

  71. Flamenco Guitar online course. I have several guitars and my kids want to learn.

  72. Janet Belcher says:

    I am most excited about the Learning Hebrew class because I have wanted to learn it alongside my son and maybe now we can get the chance. There are many others that look exciting for us as well.

  73. Sonja Rea says:

    I’m super excited about the Techie Homeschool Mom Online Studies. My kids have enjoyed the independent learning through other online studies we have as well as the Music in Our Homeschool online studies. Thank you for the chance to win these wonderful prizes!

  74. I’d love to win the $25 Amazon gift card because I need to buy the book MAPS and a world map puzzle. Also, I love the other geography resources you’ve listed.

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