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Finally motivated to exercise again!

My husband told me last night that we might be able to take a little trip–just the two of us!  (Or actually, just the 3 of us, as my 8-month-old always goes with mama).  But, if we go somewhere where I’ll wear a swimsuit. . .  Well, you can see where my motivation is coming from now.

I’ve had a lot of setbacks since having my newest baby last June.  I got plantar fasciitis, a painful foot condition right before he was born.  That is now under control with the help of orthotics and some good Nike shoes that I wear continually.  Then, I fell on my tailbone on Thanksgiving morning.  I still have pain, but exercising doesn’t hurt anymore.  But, my biggest setback has been lack of motivation.  I think it’s mostly due to sleep deprivation.  But I’m motivated now!  I really would like to lose one size in the next four weeks.  I’ve lost 35 pounds since the baby was born and still have 15 pounds/2 sizes to go.

So, T-Tapp, here I come.  I can do the 15-minute workout every day!  As the FlyLady says, “You can do anything for 15 minutes, except whine!”

Want to join me?  Let me know; we’ll keep each other accountable.  Need something from T-Tapp?  There’s a great Valentine’s Day Special available right now.

Don’t know about T-Tapp?  Click T-Tapp under category at the beginning of this post to learn more!  Or see the banner in my sidebar.

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