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Last call for Pampered Chef orders

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I had my cooking show last night.  It was a lot of fun; it’s been so long since I had had one.  Many years ago (8?) I had a cooking show and then became a consultant so that I could earn a bunch more cooking tools.  I did it for 8 months, until I was halfway into pregnancy with my 3rd child.  As it was going to be my 3rd baby in 3 years, I decided quit selling Pampered Chef.  But I still love their products.  I cook in the Professional cookware (like it better than the Calphelon that I received as wedding presents) and the Stoneware all the time.  I love the Garlic Press, Smooth-Edge Can Opener, and Micro-Cookers.  There are some new items I’m excited about getting this time, such as the Mix ‘N Chop, Flexible Cutting Mats, Pineapple Wedger, and Bamboo Salad Bowl and Serving Tongs.  I’m getting a couple of things for my husband, too:  The BBQ Grill Tray and Saute Tongs (for making bacon).

If you’ d like to place an order,

Just go to my consultant’s website:

go to the Our Products section,

select the link below the products that you would like to purchase,

and enter my first and last name as the host (Gena Mayo)

I’m closing the show on Sunday!

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