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Free 20th Century Music Lesson Plans and Printables

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Free 20th Century Music Lesson Plans. #music #musiclessonsforkids #musiceducation #ichoosejoyblog

I’m happy to share with you today some free 20th-century music lesson plans!  See a free printable pack to download below!

Teaching 20th Century Music Appreciation at Homeschool Co-op

As you may remember I have spent the past year teaching a 20th Century Music History/Appreciation class at our Tapestry of Grace homeschool co-op.  I taught the 20-minute class twice each Wednesday, once for the elementary kids and once for the middle school and high school students.  Each week was a different focus–a different composer or style.  I taught for a few minutes and we listened to as much music as possible.  Almost everything is available on YouTube!  It was really great for the kids to watch the orchestras playing.

Another neat thing was to see original videos of the performer (such as Elvis singing “Hound Dog.”)  I emailed a lesson detailing the entire lesson to the parents and students each week so they could continue their listening if desired.  Some high school students even used the lessons to help them earn a 1/2 credit in 20th Century music history.  I encouraged them to add 2 hours of reading, listening, or writing about the topic each week.  In my elementary music class I also gave a coloring sheet each week (usually of an instrument, but sometimes other things related to the lesson).

The middle and high school students were to fill out two Notebooking Pages:

  •  20th Century Music History Notebooking Page
  •  20th Century Music Listening Printable

One of the lessons I wrote that you can download:

And here are Two Free Online Lessons from my 20th Century Music Appreciation Course:

Get the entire course at


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  2. Brandy Melissa says:

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These posts for these bundles are SO tempting! Glad I made a firm decision to not add anymore resources until I go through the ones I already have, or I’d be jumping all over these.

    1. I know what you mean, Tina! I’m glad they have the build-your-own so that I can pick out the 10 items I most want.

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