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Help Your Child Grow in Character

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Child Grow in Character

How do you help your child grow in character? We try to talk through it daily–ways to be kind and more loving. We read the Bible and pray. But I am always looking for more ideas to help me in the area of character training!

I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I have personally used

The Picture Smart Bible Old Testament:

I started this one with my elementary kids this year. We went through the first lesson about the Bible and the first 4 books of the Bible. My kids LOVED doing the drawings as I read the Scripture and talked about the lessons (which are all written out for you). You receive the grayed, dotted-lined versions of the drawings for the kids to trace over, as well as the completed versions of each drawing so they can see how to do it. I used those completed ones for my youngest kids to color. I’m excited to continue through the whole Bible with The Picture Smart Bible.




Other Products I’m familiar with: (All of these have samples you can check out.)

The Content Heart. Everything by Kim Sorgius is amazing, such good Bible Studies and Character building materials.

A Journey Through Learning lapbooks. We have done a few of these lapbooks. Very nice!

Philippians in 28 Weeks. Here is one that is geared more toward the upper ages. In 28 weeks, you will have memorized the entire book of Philippians after following this system!

Grapevine Studies Bible Studies. We’ve done a few Grapevine Studies Bible Studies in the past (before switching to trying out the Picture Smart Bible this year). I really love these lessons, too, because the kids are drawing stick figures to help cement the stories and lessons of the Bible. There is a lot of repetition to help them remember.


If you have some favorite materials to use for helping children grow in character, please list them in the comments!

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