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Funny Friday- If You Give a Baby a Donut. . .

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Today’s funny is a book written by my 8-year-old daughter.  I have transcribed her writing (almost) exactly.

If you give a Baby a Donut

If you give a Baby a Donut He’ll wont a not her won [another one].  In Til the Boks is gone. [Until the box is gone.]


So He’s going to Buy some more.  Well He’s at the store He sees a Baby Toy.  So He Just Hast to Buy it.


So wen He gits Home He plays with it.  So wen He plays with the Toy He gits slepy so he gose to Bed.


So Wen He’s abowt to go to slepe He sees a picture on His wall.  The picture Has a Baby etting a Donut.


So He gits owt uv Bed and etts His Donuts.

the End


[I just found this on the back.  I guess it explains the inspiration for her story!]

A Note from the riter.  One day my grint mou [grandma] brot donuts for a traet.  my baby brothr att a lot uv donus.


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