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Grapevine Studies (Bible Studies) 50% off Sale!

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This is such an awesome sale–get yourself a Grapevine Study today!

I’ve been using this wonderful Bible studies with my kids for a couple of years now and this is definitely the best time to buy!  The sale only lasts until Feb 3.

My kids (ages 4-11) definitely love the traceable versions from Grapevine Studies the best.  We’ve been working through the Old Testament and are up to Moses and the Exodus now.  See some pictures of their drawings (they draw while I read from the Scripture and discuss the lesson).

Grapevine Studies 025 Grapevine Studies 024

50% Off!

All Grapevine Studies Student books and ebooks.

Sale ends Feb. 3, 2015

BOTSPt1 web

Beginner – Ages 5-7

PreK- Kindergarten
Introduces students to the major characters and events of the Bible.

L1OTPt1 web

Level 1 – Ages 6-8

Grades 1 and 2

Introduces the timeline and gives students extra room to draw.

L2OTPt1 web

Level 2 – Ages 8-10

Grades 3 and 4

Students memorize additional Bible facts with each lesson.

L3OTPt1 web

Level 3 – Ages 10-12

Grades 5 and 6

Introduces basic Bible geography.

L4OTPt1 web

Level 4 – Ages 12 -14

Grades 7 and 8

Students learn to use Bible study tools: Dictionary, topical Bible, and Concordance.

RezS web

Topical Studies

Ages 7 and up

Students study individual characters or events from the Bible.

Here’s a new product to look into:

2015 Biblical Calendar

Drawing from biblical references, Christian tradition, and Jewish history we have created a calendar that contains the dates of important events from the Bible. Combining the Gregorian calendar and the biblical months you will see events referenced in Scripture like never before!

Grapevine 2015 Calendar 123014-1


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