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Helpful Lapbook Links

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A lady named Lisa found these links.  I’m putting them here so I can check them out later! scroll down free lapbooks, great resource

This whole page is great, templates,click on free lapbook from Homeschool share, then click on Indexes and find your book, great resourced example, scroll down, incorporates worksheet and information into a lapbook if you like.
Plains Indians and Lewis and Clark lapbook    worksheets/lapbooks great
scroll down to free homeschooling resource link- then lapbooking-link on left, notebooking templates-link on rest of page, different studies
Pictures of lapbooks at the bottom
lapbook links
US History Study-foldables-Dina Zikes
Mr.Donns Free Powerpoints -History nice site lots of information: we were studing California indians when I came accross this
Tells about her indian lapbook
worksheets    shapes worksheets
free resources
2023 Free Book Lists graphic
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