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Tea Party Ideas!

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Tea Party Ideas

My third daughter turned 5 last week, so it was time for her Birthday Party Tea Party!  For her older sisters we went to a tea party restaurant.  But this time we decided to do it at home and were able to invite a lot of friends and family!


L presents 011

We got quite a few ideas from the Fancy Nancy Tea Parties book and from what I’ve pinned on my Pinterest Tea Party Ideas and Poetry Tea Time board.

Butterfly Theme

We had a Butterfly theme.  The party favor bags had little tiaras, necklaces, and bracelets that I got at Target.


Tea Party Collage 1


We had PB & J sandwiches, ham & cheese roll-ups, and cucumber sandwiches, along with fruits and veggies.  The girls drank raspberry lemonade, while the moms had hot peach tea and iced mint tea.  The cupcakes had candies on them to look like butterflies.  For presents she got  Hello Kitty, Justice clothes, hair items, jewelry–and even a pink football, from her brothers!

Tea Party Collage 3


When the girls came in they decorated butterfly placemats and made butterflies out of coffee filters.  They played Fancy Freeze Tag (where they froze in a “fancy” pose) and Pin-the-Face on the Butterfly.

Tea Party Collage crafts and games

We even had one of the moms do braids for the girls’ hair!  It was a wonderful, sweet party for a beautiful little girl!

L Party B FB Favorite books 020

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  2. Love it! Wish my girls and I had been with you. Happy Birthday Lucy!

    1. I wish you all had been here, too. Maybe for girl #4!

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