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January Homeschooling Plans

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We have some great things planned for January!

History:  We are finally starting the Middle Ages.  I reserved a number of books at the library yesterday–about knights, castles, etc., including the novel "A Door in the Wall" and the CDs about King Arthur by Jim Weiss. 

Art:  from the Knights and Damsels art book and starting a middle ages lapbook. 

Math:  We’ll be focusing on place value and measurement. 

Bible Time:  Reading Wisdom with the Millers along with the book of Proverbs.  We’ll memorize some verses from Proverbs, too.

Violin:  We’ll be starting lessons with a new teacher.  Possibly my 5 yo will start, too.

Other Read-Alouds:  Summer with the Moodys, Farmer Boy, Little Women (on CD in the car), Island of the Blue Dolphins, Kingdom’s Hope

Science:  My kids loved the movie Kung Fu Panda, so we’re going to study Pandas this month (maybe adding other Chinese animals and elements about China itself).

Field Trips:  The Museum of Science and Industry is free all month (and they have a connected underground parking garage!).  We might go to the Kohl Children’s Museum one more time before our membership runs out at the end of the month. 

Music Appreciation:  Vivaldi’s "The Four Seasons"

New  Chores:  Cleaning bathroom sinks and counters

Handwriting:  Finish cursive HWT books and copywork of Proverbs and phrases about the Middle Ages.

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  2. I enjoyed visiting you today. We haven't gotten to the Middle Ages, yet. I think it will be a fun study for your children.

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