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Kung Fu Panda Lapbook

Since my kids loved the movie “Kung Fu Panda” so much, we decided to do a lapbook on pandas.  I got some free materials from and (I can’t find the printables there anymore).  There was also some information on Pandas (and China) in the January Bookbag from Currclick.  I love the Teacher Bookbag products!

We checked out the San Diego Zoo website for some great pictures and stories of the pandas there.  They also have a Panda Cam, but we haven’t seen anything interesting yet.

Of course, there’s also the sneezing baby panda on YouTube!

My 3 oldest kids also wrote about pandas (using the notebooking pages found in the January Bookbag.)  The 5 yo did copywork.  The 6 yo is writing a story about a panda named Popsicle.  And the 8 yo is writing a summary of the movie.

Here are the books we read:
Watch Me Grow: Panda (Star)
Little Panda (Ryder)
Giant Pandas (Fink Martin)
Giant Panda (Penny)
Giant Pandas (Gibbons)
A Baby Panda is Born (Ostby)

Each of my kids had their own file folder for this lapbook.  We divided up the lapbook booklets, color sheets, and printouts and then connected all folders together into one big lapbook.

The plaid folder is by my 6 yo son.

A quiz about giant pandas.

What do the Chinese call pandas?

The purple folder is by my 8 yo son.
How many pandas are in the world?

Dragon challenge activity, A book about Tian Tian,
How many hours a day does a panda eat.

Family Fun Recipe from a Rice Krispies box, Noises
that pandas make.

The yellow folder is by my 3 yo daughter.


What is the panda’s habitat like?  Panda quiz
questions.   Tangrams.

Reasons pandas are endangered.  Venn diagram
comparing brown bears with panda bears.  Where
are pandas found.
The blue folder is by my 5 yo daughter.

Comparing pandas with ourselves.  The bamboo
number match game.

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  1. DonnaBathalter says:

    I love how you used the materials on pandas from January Book Bag. I belong to LapbookLessons.ning . Could I share your link to HomeschoolBloggers there?

    I truly enjoyed seeing the happy smiles on your children's faces. It really touches my heart.

    I'm enjoying lapbooking. I wish I could provide more on my site. Thanks for sharing with me!


  2. This is so cool!! My children would love to do something like this. Kung Fu Panda is a family favorite here also.

    Thanks for sharing


  3. You know, I still haven't sat through that movie! Though my kids love it!

    Great ideas. I may steal them from you at some point. ; P

  4. jaminacema says:

    Thanks for letting me know about your Panda Lapbook. Looks great! What a fun idea to incorporate it with the movie.


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