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Lewis and Clark Study

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After the Revolutionary War, we started studying about the Lewis and Clark expedition.  One neat thing we were able to do was hear a presentation by a story-teller earlier this year.  He was doing a presentation about some of the birds that Lewis and Clark encountered, but really he focused on so much about their amazing explorations.  I was able to take my three oldest kids.  They even had a “part” to play, where they helped demonstrate the numbers of interpreters needed to go from language to language in discussions with one particular Indian tribe.  It was the time when Sacajawea found her brother.

Here are some of the books we read:

Lewis and Clark:  Explorers of the American West (Kroll)

Off the Map:  The Journals of Lewis and Clark (Clark)

Lewis and Clark for Kids:  Their Journey of Discovery With 21 Activties (Herbert)

We also watched a PBS DVD about Lewis and Clark.

For our written activity we used the following free online unit study:

We read the book Lewis and Clark and Me (Myers) which was written from the perspective of Lewis’s dog Seaman.  It was a very cute story.  After each chapter the older boys wrote a narration and drew a picture to illustrate it.

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