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Master Meals and Grocery List

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I’ve been working on making a master meals and grocery list for probably two years now.  I’m not a natural cook, and my husband has been so patient with me.  I still haven’t gotten fancy or gourmet, although he’d like me to, but I told him there’s still time for that, when the little ones are older!


After an idea I saw in a recent issue of Homeschool Enrichment magazine in an article by Kym Wright, and encouragement from the Teri Maxwell book I came up with a master grocery list.  I divided it into sections in the order things are found in the grocery store I go to all the time.  The list is printed on half of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet (so the list is 4 1/4 x 11) and has lots of abbreviations so that I could fit as many of the items I buy on it.  I went through my menu list and included all of the ingredients I ever buy.  Now, all I do is circle the items in red pen which I will need for the next shopping trip.


Grocery List

Produce: bananas, apples, grapes, straw, cant, grapefr, oranges, lemons, limes, mushrm, tom, lettuce, gr beans, pot, avocado, SSP, aspar, red pep, gr. pep, corn, carrots, celery, zucc, cucum, onions, garlic, squash

Deli: chicken, ham, swiss, turkey, Fr. br, Ital. Br, fresh pasta, parm ch

Meat: ground beef, steak, ribs, pork chops, hot dog, roast, ham, stew meat

Toiletries: Prescr, lotion, face wash, face lotion, vaseline, vitamins, cont sln, sham, cond, toothp, toothbr, floss, pads, pl, shav lotion, raz bl, Dove, hand soap, hand sanitizer

Baby: diap, ON diap, Pull-ups, wipes, food, oatmeal, wash

Snack food: chips, Pepsi, water, Gator, popcorn

Dairy: 1%, wh, sk, OJ, cream, sour cr, cot ch, wh cream, Yog, pie crust, but, marg, eggs, cream ch, ched ch, Mex. ch, mozz ch

Bread: PB, real syrup, oth syrup, honey, jam, be, M. br, wheat cr, graham cr, saltines, hot buns, ham buns, cookies

Cereal: Squ, Wheat, Cheer, Gran, Oatmeal, coffee, decaf, tea

Canned/ pasta: soup: tom, spl pea, veg, ch nood, cr of chick, onion soup mix, rice, spag, sp. sauce, diced tomatoes, dried beans, canned beans: black, kidney, chili, slop. Joe, tuna, mac & ch, applesauce, mand orang, ketch, must, rel, pick, bbq sauce, mir whip, mayo, salad dr: Ital, Ranch, Calif, poppyseed

Paper: napk, plates, forks, cups, coffee cups, straws, Dixie cups, TP, Kleenex

Mex. Food: tort, ench sauce, gr chilies, salsa, ref. beans, taco seas

Baking: spice: , vanilla, sugar, br sug, salt, flour, wh flour, bak soda, bak powd, corn meal, corn st, brown mix, muf mix, choc chips, raisins, canola oil, olive oil, big bags, sm bags, foil, plast wrap, wax paper

School suppl:

Cleaning: Dishw detg, clothes detg, dryer sheets, cleaning wipes, sponges

Frozen: Kid pizza, pizza, bl berries, cool whip, ice cream


Meals for the Week:


At this point I don’t shop at a discount or warehouse store, but I’d like to do that as soon as I can figure out how to actually get there and not waste the membership fee.  My goal is to get to the point where I do a BIG shopping trip once a month and then smaller ones each week to buy bread, milk and produce.  But right now I still do a weekly grocery store trip, where we buy everything (including baby items, paper goods–not the cheapest way to do it I’m sure).


I also came up with a master meals list to rotate through for the summer.  I’ll change it in the fall to add roasts, turkey, soups and stews.  There are 3 weeks worth of menus, 6 days a week.  Then we’ll start it over.  These are all very simple meals since I don’t have the energy to do more at this time.  If you’re interested in any of the recipes, let me know!


Summer Menus



BBQ Chicken

Sloppy Joes





BBQ Ribs
Hot Dogs
Chicken & Rice
Roasted Vegetable Tart


Pork Chops & Rice
Chicken Enchilada Casserole


Week 1 Grocery list:

Whole wheat spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, mushrooms, Parmesan cheese, Ital. Bread, veggie

Chicken breasts, BBQ sauce, veggie

Ground beef, sloppy joe sauce, hamburger buns, potatoes for oven fries, olive oil, chili powder

Ham, veggie

Frozen pizzas, applesauce, other fruit

Chicken, zucchini, peaches, mushrooms, red pepper, onion, poppyseed dressing, rice, cookie ingredients (staples, butter, chocolate chips)


Week 2 Grocery list:

Fresh ravioli, spaghetti sauce, mozzarella cheese, Ital. Bread, veggie

Chicken breasts, onion soup mix, lime, apricot or peach jam, California dressing, veggie

Pork ribs, BBQ sauce, veggie

Hot dogs, hot dog buns, corn, strawberries, Bisquick, whipping cream

Chicken breasts, cream of mushroom soup, rice, paprika

Pie crust, zucchini, mushrooms, red pepper, tomato, eggplant, parmesan cheese


Week 3 Grocery list:

Spinach noodles, spaghetti sauce, mozzarella cheese, Ital. Bread, veggie

Chicken breasts, Parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, egg, bread crumbs, veggie

Hamburgers, potatoes for oven fries, olive oil, chili powder

Steak, Ital. Dressing mix, veg. oil, vinegar, salad fixings, corn, brownie mix

Pork chops (4, ¾ in. thick), rice, onion, green pepper, tomato

Chicken breasts, cream of chicken soup, sour cream, Mexican Cheese mix, cilantro, cumin, chili powder, can chopped green chilies, 12 corn tortillas

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