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Meeting with moms

The other night a few homeschooling moms and I met together for an informal time of sharing. We shared questions, ideas, advice and resources. It was a wonderful time! I’m so grateful for the fellow homeschooling moms and for the help and encouragement they provide me and each other.


Some of what I left the evening with was that we as homeschooling moms need to 1) smile, 2) be a blessing to our children, 3) prioritize, and 4) lower expectations at times.


I’ve just been listening to a recording of a seminar by Randy and Lisa Wilson called “Celebrations of Faith.” (Order recording here.) They also have a book of that title. I’ll be sharing more about it in the future. But, basically they have come up with many symbols and ceremonies to celebrate different events in their children’s lives. These ideas, some which are very simple, are great ways to be blessings to our children.


I’ve also been listening lately to Nancy Leigh DeMoss on the radio program “Revive Our Hearts.” She’s doing a series on prioritizing. Two of the things I’ve heard so far which can really help us in homeschooling are to pray and ask our husbands for their advice.


I pray that this week you will smile, be a blessing, prioritize and decide where to lower expectations!

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