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My Favorite Christmas Memory

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I’m entering a contest where I’m supposed to share my favorite Christmas memory.  I only had to think a second before I remembered it. 

I was about 8 and my sister 5 when I chose this great big yellow Woodstock stuffed animal (you remember, the bird from Peanuts–Snoopy’s friend) to give to her.  When opening presents, my mom gave my sister and me both a present to open at the same time.  I opened mine a little and realized it was the Woodstock toy.  I yelled, "Stop, this is her present!"  And we switched.  You probably guessed it–we both had the same present!  I’m not sure why that sticks in my memory so much.  Maybe, it’s because it was really funny and I was so surprised.  Maybe it was because it was such a happy time.  We were sitting in my grandparents’ living room on the floor by the Christmas tree.  Whatever the reason, it’s my favorite Christmas memory!

If you’d like to enter the contest, you can find information about it at the Homeschool E Store.  This particular entry is for Janne’s blog.

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  2. That is so sweet. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for entering my contest.

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