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My New Year’s Goals

Not resolutions, but goals!

Read a chapter of the Bible every day.
Work on exhibiting all the Fruit of the Spirit.
Be bolder in witnessing.

Organize a recipe notebook.
Make new kinds of bread (mill new grains).
Make pizza dough in breadmaker and freeze it for quick pizza nights.
Make some items with crochet.
Make a quilt/ duvet cover for my bed.
Make curtains for the kids’ rooms.

Lose 20 pounds. (I’ve already lost one, so 19 more to go!)
Exercise 30 minutes, 3 times a week (walk, bike or video).
Eat more fruits and vegetables.
Eat less fast food and sugar.

Exhibit more patience and gentleness.
Grow their character using "Wise Words for Moms" (by Ginger Plowman)

5 yo–work on reading and handwriting
3 yo–learn her letters and numbers
6 yo and 8 yo–more focused math skills
all–Nature study and drawing once a week

Personal growth:
Use people’s names more.
Read certain books (will be listed at a future post).

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  1. Great idea, to categorize goals. Thanks for sharing.

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