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New Favorite Things

This is an “organization” which allows people to give away and get things for free.  You sign up for one (or more) in your area through a yahoo group.  Then you can see if you have something someone wants or you can post for something you want.  Everything has to be free.  So far I've gotten a bunch of AA batteries and some buttons (to use for crafts).  Usually, you just drive to the person's house and pick it up on their porch.  I'm still hoping to get a freezer for my garage.  (There have been several given away, but they've been too old or too far away to pick up.)  Another feature is to sign up for a particular item at the website; when one is posted, you'll receive an email (even if it's for a freecycle group in a nearby town that you haven't signed up for).

I received 5 free issues of this newsletter with my subscription renewal to The Old Schoolhouse magazine.  I love it!  It has wonderful articles about cooking, gardening, crafting, raising animals, etc.  You can get a free introductory article from the website to see if you like it, too!

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    Thanks for the sites!

    Hey, I liked your answer to my question! Still tryin' to find the *perfect* one!



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