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Nutrition study

We have just finished up a study of nutrition.  We read some great library books, did some activities from, and cooked a bit.  Here are the books we read:

Food and Nutrition for Every Kid (VanCleave)–excellent book for 1st grade through high school, has some fun and simple experiments.

The Food Pyramid (Taylor-Butler)

Vitamins and Minerals (Kalbacken)

Happy Healthy Monsters:  Grover’s Guide to Good Eating (Kleinberg)

The Meat and Beans Group (Schuh)

The Vegetable Group (Schuh)

The Grain Group (Schuh)

The Fruit Group (Schuh)

The Milk Group (Schuh)

Healthy Snacks (Schuh)

My kids are pretty good at reading nutrition labels now.  They understand eating a variety of foods, in moderation, and balanced (calories in vs. calories burned).  They know the 6 nutrients our body needs–carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water.  And we learned a lot about fiber!  (I’ll explain later.)

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