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Our Newest Cool Writing Tool: Grammarly

Grammarly Writing Support

I just wanted to share a quick post about a new grammar tool I’ve discovered. My kids and I tried it out yesterday, and it’s so cool! At their website Grammarly, you can open a new document and type in your essay, story, etc. right there. Or you can copy/paste your paper in there. It immediately picks up on all kinds of grammar issues/mistakes and tells you what it should be changed to. It will find mistakes in spelling, punctuation, wrong word use (like their instead of there), wrong tense, etc. Give it a try! The basic use of it is free!

Here are a couple of ways we have and will use Grammarly:

  • Writing reports with our Online Unit Studies by typing them right into Grammarly.
  • Having my high school son check his essays and research papers for grammar problems and plagiarism before turning them in.
  • Helping my junior high kids recognize their most common mistakes when writing papers so they can fix them.

The #1 Writing Tool

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