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Out of the mouth of 4-year-olds

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Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with my 4 yo son.  He asked who made Mary (Jesus' mother).  I said God did.  He kept persisting, so I said that her mom and dad were together and then she grew in her mommy's tummy.  He still wasn't satisfied and kept asking who made her.  Finally, I realized that he was confused because Mary was Jesus' mother and Jesus is God.  So, if she gave birth to God, she must have been alive before God was.  So, who made her?  It's amazing how his little mind is learning and processing things.


A couple of nights ago, I was passing by the boys' room when my husband was finishing up putting them to bed.  They were doing their nightly Knock, Knock jokes.  My 4 yo said “Knock Knock.”  Dad said, “Who's there?”  He said “I.”  Dad said “I who.”  He said “I love you, Dad.  Good night, Dad.”  Then the whole thing repeated.  Then it repeated again.  Then it repeated again.  I interrupted and said, “How many times is he going to say that?”  My husband said, “About 11 or 12 times.”

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