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Pictures from Easter and Fire Station

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Here are some pictures from the last week or so.


Easter Philosophy Adventure 011

Easter Philosophy Adventure 008

Easter Philosophy Adventure 004

Easter Philosophy Adventure 002


A Field Trip to the Fire Station:

We were just about to get our picture of the whole group sitting on the front of the fire engine when the fire fighters got a call.  It really added to the effect to watch them speed away with the siren blaring!

Fire Station Collage

This was an artifact/memorial from the World Trade Center that was just inside the fire station doors.  It was nice to see a Bible verse in a public building.  🙂

Fire Station field trip 003

Fire Station field trip 002

To the Park:

After the fire station our group went to the park to play.  It’s still too cold around here!  I’m so ready for spring!

Park Collage



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