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Our 5 cutie-pies!

Sledding down the hill

Valentine’s cookie

My children and I were listening to some classical music.  They kept asking me what the names of the pieces were.  My 3 yo daughter’s favorite was the "Dance of the Cygnets" or, as she called it, "The Dance of the Baby Swans."  She made up a pretty cute dance to it, too!
My 6 yo son got inspired and wrote the following composition, entitled "March of the Solgrs [Soldiers]"!

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  1. Homeschool Parenting Summit 2.0 October 16-21, 2023

    Great pictures!

    I REALLY ENJOYED THE SNOW PICTURE. Around here we don't get much snow.


  3. REInvestor says:

    .I know they keep you on your toes. What blessings God has give you and the best part is that you know that.

  4. TwaddleMeNot says:

    What great pictures, Gena. Your kids are so adorable, and it amazes me how they all look so much alike!


  5. TwaddleMeNot says:

    Hey Gena, thanks for your comment on my blog. I actually switched to shutterfly and I love it! I didn't like having to resize all my pictures on photobucket, so shutterfly works much better for the blog and also making prints.


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