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Polar Regions unit study and lapbook

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Polar Regions unit study and lapbook
We have just finished our Polar Regions unit study and lapbook and had a great time with it! My kids made snow goggles and soapstone carvings (our of soap!). We also ate some “Eskimo” food.

Our Journey Westward

We started read a neat book about Arctic missionaries called Mik-Shrok (Repp).


Here are the other books we read:

The Emperor’s Egg (Jenkins)

Explore Antarctica (Kalman)

Living in the Tundra (Loughran)

North Pole, South Pole (Levinson)

Polar Bear, Arctic Hare (Spinelli)

Arctic and Antarctic (DK)

Keiko’s Story: A Killer Whale Goes Home (Kurth)

Into the Ice: The Story of Arctic Exploration (Curlee)

Alaska ABC Book (Kreeger)

The Bravest Dog Ever:  The True Story of Balto (Standiford)

The Arctic (Lynch)

Dog Sledder: Racing Across the Snow in Alaska (Brode)

Welcome to the Ice House (Regan)

Cultures of the World: Iceland (Wilcox)

The March of the Penguins (the book) (Jacquet)

Snow Bear (Harper)

And a non-fiction book on dog sledding

We also watched some documentaries:

March of the Penguins

The Free Willy Story: Keiko’s Journey Home

The activities in the lapbook were:

  • Maps of the Arctic and Antarctica
  • Graphs of glaciers and polar explorers
  • Animals of Arctic vs. Antarctica
  • Food Chain
  • Info on Polar Bears, Penguins, and Dog Sledding
  • Clothes of the Eskimo
  • Vocabulary Words
  • Info on Snow
  • Poems about Snowmen that they wrote
  • Reports on Keiko the Killer Whale (from the Free Willy movie) and Balto the sled dog
  • Flags of the Arctic Countries

Here are some pictures:

Some of the lapbook templates were from 2 different Hands of a Child project packs:  Snow and Sled Dogs.


Winter Books:

Combine this fun winter lesson with some great winter books! See the list here.

Picture Books for Winter

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