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What we read in 2007

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What Mom read:
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (Weissbluth)
Created to be his Helpmeet (Pearl)
The Groovy Chicks’ Road Trip to Love (Dyer and Copeland)
Managers of Their Chores (Maxwell)
Managers of Their Homes (Maxwell)
Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends
Pocketful of Pinecones (Andreola)
Books about Chicago and Illinois (for the Library Reading Club)
An Easy Start in Arithmetic (Beechick)
Homeschooling But Still Married
Passionate Housewives Desperate for God (Chancy and MacDonald)

What Dad read:
Lost in the Middle (Tripp)
The Curse of Ham
An Introduction to Christian Writing
Unveiling Islam
The Unaborted Socrates (Kreeft)
The Richest Man in Town
Pathway to Freedom (Begg)

What we read to the boys:
All Chronicles of Narnia
Almost all of Little House Series (still reading it)
Bible:  Luke, Proverbs, Esther, Ezra, Ruth, Nehemiah, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, I and II Samuel, I and II Kings, Mark, Acts, Daniel, Revelation, Matthew, James, Titus, John
Story of the World, volume 1
Egermeier’s Story Bible
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,
The Golden Goblet
Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang
Hive of Busy Bees
Wisdom With the Millers
Storytime With the Millers
Trumpet of the Swan
Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring With the Moody’s
Five Little Peppers
The Light and the Glory for Children
Stories of the Pilgrims
God King
Aesop’s Fables
Children’s version of Greek Myths (Usborne)
Leading Little Ones to God
Money Matters for Kids
The Wizard of Oz
One Wintry Night
Mary Poppins (on CD)
The Call of the Wild (on CD)

What oldest boy read to himself:
All easy-reader story Bibles
Charlotte’s Web
The Sign of the Beaver
The Littles Have a Wedding
Mohan of the Jungle
Miguel the Shepherd Boy
Black Beauty (easier version)
Trumpet of the Swan
The Rescuers
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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  2. I put that Passionate Housewives book on my Christmas wish list. If I don't get it, can I borrow your copy?

    Merry Christmas!

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