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Review of Frogglez Goggles

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Frogglez Goggles–These are an AWESOME invention!

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I’m happy to be reviewing Frogglez Goggles today. My kids recently finished up a couple of sessions of swim lessons.  I sat and watched the youngest kids’ class often and much of the time the teacher was putting on the goggles of the kids who pulled them off or because their goggles fell off or moved around.  Frustrating!  Frogglez goggles are going to be perfect for my younger kids. (I’m sure the swim school will want to stock these in their store when I show them next time I’m there!)  Why?  The Frogglez Goggles will stay put.  They are far more comfortable than the plastic strap kinds.  They float.  Woo-hoo!  That will be also be a great feature for when we are at the lake this summer.

I’m very excited about this product in case you couldn’t tell and will be ordering at least one more pair for my other kids to wear.

They come in 3 sizes:  small (3-6 years old), medium (6-10 years), and large (10 and up).  We got Medium in Pink, which fits my 5-year-old perfectly.

The Frogglez are not for use by competitive swimmers. (They float, so there is some drag to them).

Frogglez Goggles 009

Here are a few features that make Frogglez Goggles unique:

1. No Hair-pulling

2. No Adjustments Needed

3. Stylish

4. Comfortable

5. They Float!

They even come with this cute bag:

Frogglez Goggles 011

Buy: Frogglez Goggles Kids Swim Goggles They retail for $24.95.

Read more at the Frogglez Goggles website.  And connect with them on social media:  Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.
(Disclosure:  I received a pair of Frogglez goggles for free in order to write this honest review.  This post also contains affiliate links.)

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