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Review of “My Riviera Connection” by Anna Alden-Tirrill

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Today’s book review is of My Riviera Connection by Anna Alden-Tirrill.  It’s the second book in the Annie’s Adventure Series.  (You can read the review of the first book My Paris Connection here.)

We rejoin adventurous, 13-year-old, homeschooled Annie in Europe again, but they have left Paris and are now in the French Riviera.  One of the most fun parts about reading this book is that I have never learned much about this part of the world.  We become immersed in the perfume industry–visiting perfumeries and learning all kinds of things about the business.  Annie decides that she is very interested in becoming an investigative reporter and is able to join a lady we met in the first book–Vivienne who is an investigative reporter.  She takes Annie along with her as she investigates the theft of a perfume formula.  They track the thieves and learn all kinds of things to help out the investigation for the detectives.  This part is unrealistic–that they are in the midst of all the action– but makes the story more exciting. 🙂  They also travel to other areas of Europe, including the Vatican.  And they always find some time to sightsee–which makes you wish you could be there as well!

My only complaint about the book is that I don’t like the graphics/illustrations that are found on every page throughout the book.  They are distracting and not well drawn or designed.

I love how serving God and doing his will, along with Scripture, are sprinkled in throughout the book.  We know what is most important to Annie, her parents, Vivienne, and several other characters who are believers.  “Truth” is a main theme throughout this book (as “friendship” was in the first book).  My 10-year-old daughter loved reading about the perfume business and gave My Riviera Connection a thumbs-up! I would definitely recommend these books for girls who like to read longer chapter books (it’s 234 pages).

Check out the Annie’s Adventure’s website to order these books.

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(Disclosure:  I received complimentary copies of the Annie’s Adventures series in order to write these honest reviews. This post contains affiliate links.)

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