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Review K5 Learning website

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A couple of months ago my son started exploring the K5 Learning website.  I am sharing a review of it today.  K5 Learning is an online reading and math program for kids ages Kindergarten through 5th Grade.  It helps build reading, math, and study skills through independent study.  K5 is designed for use at home, after-school, on weekends and during the summer, and is a great supplement for homeschools as well!

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What I liked about K5 Learning:

My son (and I) liked the Math Facts section the best.  He had fun creating a “person” (avatar) of himself.  There was a practice typing section so he could learn to more quickly find the numbers on the keyboard.  Then there was a short lesson before the speed quiz.  They show the whole chart of math facts so the parent (or child) will know which ones need improvement.  After completing the drills, they give a certain amount of time to play a game, like miniature golf, to continue practicing the math facts.

I emailed customer service several times and received quick answers.  They set up assessments for 2 of my kids to take.  Also, there are a number of videos on the site for parents to figure out how different sections work.

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In the Reading Lesson section, the voice was very easy to understand.  Instructions were clear.  They even demonstrated the activity, so the young child knew how to do it.

In one particular science lesson, it was great that the whole lesson was read aloud.  Then when the multiple choice quiz was given, the speaker would read each answer and it would be in bold print as she read it.  That way a child who can’t read well could still choose the correct answer.

Two of my kids also did well in the assessments.  They were supposed to last about 30 minutes each (one for reading and one for math), but my 5-year-old and 7-year-olds were able to focus the whole time. They even took both right in a row.  The different parts changed quickly and were broken up with little games.

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What I didn’t like about K5 Learning:

I wasn’t able to set the level of what I wanted my kids to learn.  Everytime I tried to change something, for example for my son to do certain reading or math lessons, it never worked.  He was set at first-grade level, and it continually sent him to do the easiest first-grade lessons (“identify the numeral 2”).  It was so frustrating.  I could never get it to work right.  We took the assessment, and he was apparently placed in late second-grade level, but it still showed this same lesson for him to do every single time.  I finally gave up on it, and simply had him do the “Math Facts” section.

Another thing that was very frustrating was the Spelling section. When the man was speaking the words to be spelled, his pitch was too low (not quiet, but low) to understand well.  He also spoke too quickly.  The woman’s voice was fine, though.  Also, the “example” given for the first-grade level was often a ridiculously difficult sentence for their age.  I often had to sit beside my son and repeat the words–after I read the definition and example so I could figure out what the word was myself.  Another downside was that if the volume was turned up loud enough to hear the words, the “reward” sounds were way too loud.

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The Bottom Line:

Overall, K5 is not for us.  I don’t like my kids learning all their lessons from a website.  I want to teach them and guide them through their lessons.  K5 would probably work well for parents who need some hands-off learning for their kids or those who need their kids to do extra work in the summer or after school.  You can check out the videos and get 2 weeks free at the website to see if K5 would be a good fit for you!  Please put my name down–Gena Mayo–as the one who referred you!

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(Disclosure: I received 6 weeks free for 2 of my kids to use K5 in exchange for this honest review. If you put my name Gena Mayo down as the one who referred you, I will receive a referral fee.)

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