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Review Kids Academy “Preschool Kids Games” App

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I used this app from Kids Academy called “Preschool Kids Games” with two of my kids, ages three and five and will be sharing a review with you today. They both enjoyed it and were able to figure out how to do it on their own. It was intuitive and there were verbal instructions as well. I didn’t buy any add-ons – so this is what you get in just the free app:
There are three different games – tracing letters, tracing numbers, and learning the letters of the alphabet. But you only get A, B, and C or 1, 2, and 3.


The music was fun but quiet, so that was nice. There were rewards and incentives, such as adding fireflies to a jar and the number keeps increasing. It was a little hard for my three-year-old to trace exactly inside the lines for the numbers and letters. If they didn’t do it right they were encouraged to try again. My 5-year-old was more successful with it. One thing I really liked was that they had upper and lower case letters to trace.

The alphabet part of the game was easy; you just listen for the names of the letters and then touch three different items on the screen that start with that letter. It’s a fun and educational app, but to really use it fully would require purchasing the add-ons.  The app is available from the iTunes store and will work on iPhone and iPad.


(I received compensation for writing this honest review, and all opinions are completely my own. This post also contains affiliate links.)

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