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Review of Busy Mom’s Guide to Parenting Teens


I’d love to share a review with you of the book Busy Mom’s Guide to Parenting Teens by Paul C. Reisser, M.D., published by Tyndale House.  (Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy for me to read and review.)

My oldest is 11, and the teenage years are soon to be upon us.  For years I will have 4, or even 5 teens at a time!  Eek!  And after reading this book I realize how tired I will be, but in a different way than I am now with so many little ones.  The new fatigue will come with stretching me to be as relational and connecting as possible with each of my teenagers.  There are so many dangers out there in the world, so many stresses and pressures–even worse than it was in our teen days.  My goal will be to guide each of my kids through it in as productive a way as possible.  I know it won’t be easy!

Here are some of the topics that this great book addresses:

Puberty– what changes to expect and when


The positive attributes of teens

What changes to expect in each of the 3 adolescent stages (junior high, high school, college age)

Teaching teens about adult responsibilities (car, bills, chores, making restitution)

Encouraging a proper body image

Encouraging a godly worldview

What is and isn’t worth a battle?

How much screen time is reasonable?

How much privacy with screen time should you allow?  (Answer- NONE!)

Teaching about hard issues:  pornography, abstinence, drugs (more details here on drugs than I hope I ever need to know), bullying, eating disorders, depression, suicide, etc.

Nurturing your teen’s faith in God and encouraging godly character

Helping prepare them for a career and marriage


Quotes I love:

“Indeed, the years ahead may at times feel like a canoe trip down a mountain river. The scenery is constantly changing; the ride is always interesting and often pleasant; but choppy waters, roaring rapids, and an occasional waterfall may await you around the next bend.  Your job will be to stabilize the family canoe as much as possible and by all means prevent it from turning over before your adolescent reaches the calmer waters of adulthood.”

“Most states require that parents supply their children younger than eighteen with the following necessities:  food, shelter, a mattress on the floor, two changes of clothes, and medical care.  Everything else is optional and can be considered additional privileges to be earned by appropriate behavior.”  This means that the following can be taken away:  car, phone, iPod, computer, closet full of clothes, even their room’s door!

“Prayer is the most important component of the whole process of transmitting spiritual values to our teens.”

I will definitely be keeping this book (after I get it back from my sister-in-law who wanted to read it!) and using it as a reference in the years to come.  And I will be praying without ceasing!


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