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Review of “Creative Freewriting Adventure”

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There is a brand new product called the Creative Freewriting Adventure that I’d love to give you a review of it today.

The purpose of the Creative Freewriting Adventure is to encourage Fun writing for middle school and high school students!  The instructions say to just set the timer for 15 minutes and write spontaneously.  They don’t have to worry about spelling or punctuation.  They should just be playful and simply delight in the writing process!

There are 10 exercises included (and it says that there will be updates).  In the first four exercises the students read a page about four different philosophers: Thales, Pythagoras, Xenophanes, and Democritus.  The next four exercises have scenes inspired from the book The Wise Woman.  The ninth is from Mere Christianity and the last is about Christmas.

If you look at the sample of Creative Freewriting Adventure at the Homeschool Adventure Co. website you’ll see all of exercise number 7 called “Beasts.”  So let me tell you about exercise number 4 called “Democritus.”

We read a bit about C.S. Lewis and his Narnia world and learn that Democritus hypothesized that there were other universes in existence, possibly not unlike Narnia.  Then we are presented with a scene of falling into another world.  We are given the colors and what we immediately see.  But beyond that it’s up to the student.  The assignment page has 13 questions to answer, and the student spends only 15 minutes in creative writing.

I’m working on this review, but I wish I could just sit here for 15 minutes and do this assignment!  (Maybe I can find some time after I get my toddler to bed.)  I’m pretty sure my 3 oldest kids will enjoy the Creative Freewriting Adventure, and I plan to use it with them during the upcoming school year.

There are 3 other things that I liked about Creative Freewriting Adventure:  there are colored pictures throughout, there are pages for the kids to write (don’t even need to search for paper), and there is the option to “type it in.”

You can get Creative Freewriting Adventure 2 different ways:

From the Homeschool Adventure Co. website it is available in digital format for $18.95 and hardcopy for $21.95.

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