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Sanity with Toddlers

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Last Sunday at church a friend asked me how I stay sane with toddlers.  Those weren’t the exact words she used, but it was the gist of the question.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the answer, and here is what I have come up with.



Numbers 1 and 2 are the most important.



1.  Have a daily Quiet Time with the Lord before the children wake up.  Read the Word, possibly a devotional book, pray, memorize scripture, and write down what you feel the Lord is teaching you.  In my daily prayer I ask the Holy Spirit to fill me with the Fruit of the Spirit.  I especially ask for patience and gentleness–necessary in dealing with my toddlers!



2.  Lower your expectations.  Life with toddlers is unpredictable.  They will interrupt.  They will have needs when it’s not convenient.  They will make messes.  They will get hurt.  They will need lots of supervision and discipline.  When I remember this, it makes the day run smoother and is much less frustrating for me.  I try to save my “projects” and other things that require full attention for when they are asleep.



3.  Have a very consistent discipline system.  Start early and be vigilant.



4.  Don’t let them get tired or hungry.  They get very cranky.



5.  Have a day full of routine.  And don’t overload them with activites.



6.  Teach older children how to play with the younger one for a 30-minute time slot.



7.  Enjoy them!!!  Toddlers are so cute and funny.  Let them make you laugh.  They’ll grow up so fast.  Read to them, sit them on your lap, dance with them, play a drum together, hug and kiss them often!



Any other ideas?



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  2. Anonymous says:

    I too, have had a house full of preschoolers. I’m past that point now, but I did and still do, exactly what you describe Gena. My routine even includes of menu of what we have for breakfast, lunch & dinner each day. I’ve found that my writing it down and posting it on the refrigerator, it’s elimated 90% of the whining in my house! Plus, my 6 yo & 7 yo can look at the menu and make breakfast for everyone while I’m having my quiet time in the morning.

    One thing that really has kept me “sane” with four children under five (well, now under 7), is Bible Study Fellowship. The accountability to be in God’s Word every week has been great for me. Plus, going to a small group where the women know me as a woman first, not a mom first has been an amazing experience. One of the best parts is the children’s program for my kids. They all love it so much, and I know of no other place where they get the care, love and especially prayers, they get at BSF. So, there’s my plug.

    I love what you said about your kids folding clothes while you were on the computer. It’s not necessarily the easiest to get kids involved in chores early on, but the benefits are amazing. Like, they make breakfast for everyone; lunch for everyone; clean the kitchen while you work on something else. The time you save in the long run is worth the time it takes to train them to do it right the first time.

    I love your blog, Gena. I have several too, but haven’t kept up with them. Life just gets busier!

  3. 3FoldChord says:

    I didn’t have, I just had three, but I had 3 in 3 yrs…I got lots of questions like that… I think whatdrives some mom insane is they expect to have the same perfect, orderly life after 3 toddlers as they had before kids…. it just doesn’t happen like that

  4. Mama2twolilbugs says:

    I enjoyed this post, it is good to be reminded daily of these little things that make life with a toddler special. I have 2 of my own and some days I feel like I am going crazy, but God reminds me to savor these moments as they are so short! I have added you to my friends list as we have some things in common. Peace and Joy to you!

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