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See the Light “Sunflowers” Art Project & Unit Study

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See the Light Sunflowers Art DVD


I’m happy to share a review of Art Projects:Sunflowers and the Sunflowers Unit Study from See the Light.



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What do you find in the Sunflowers Art Projects DVD?

We’ve been doing this with my kids this week.  The teacher guides the students through 4 sessions of one project–to do an oil pastel of Sunflowers in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.  She sprinkles lots of interesting historical facts throughout the video, and teaches the art techniques in a way that any level can follow.  They are really written for ages 10 and up (and could be used for high school art credit), but my younger kids were able to do it also (just not to the extent an older child would).

See the Light Sunflowers 004 See the Light Sunflowers 003 See the Light Sunflowers 002

See the Light Sunflowers 007

See the Light Sunflowers 008See the Light Sunflowers 001

Sunflowers See the Light 001 Sunflowers See the Light 002 Sunflowers See the Light 004 Sunflowers See the Light 007

Sunflowers See the Light 009 Sunflowers See the Light 011

What do you find in the Sunflowers Unit Study?

It contains everything the busy home educator needs to have a well-rounded, comprehensive plan for an entire month!

With SUNFLOWERS Art Project at the core, this unit study-guide provides integrated instruction in many disciplines for the student ages 10 and up — and can be tailored with more challenging research assignments for the high-schooler.

Components of the SUNFLOWERS UNIT STUDY:

  • SOCIAL STUDIES (History and Geography)
  • MATH

SUNFLOWERS UNIT STUDY also includes a “Week at a Glance Plan” as well as the daily plan. There are Internet links and suggested reading lists.

(This post contains affiliate links.  I purchased the Sunflowers Art Projects DVD for myself.)

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