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Weekly Wrap-up: Baptism, Birthdays, and Astronomy

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Weekly Wrap-up?  Ok, to be honest, it has been so long that I’ve done one of these posts that it’s really going to cover the last 2 months!

Hope you enjoy!

On August 30 my 4th child was baptized by her father in a nearby lake.  I’m so proud of her for making the decision to follow Jesus and identify with him in baptism!

R Baptism 4

R Baptism 6R Baptism 5

Is this little girl cute or what!  She has now decided she doesn’t need an afternoon nap anymore.  I’m not ready for that!

Baptism video 001 Baptism video 003

Three brothers:


Baptism video 006

Baptism video 010

Worship in the Park:

Baptism video 011 Baptism video 012

Our family supporting her baptism day:

Baptism video 019

My kids with a young lady who was heading off to college:

Baptism video 021


We’ve been studying astronomy with the elementary kids.  Here are my meager attempts at photos of the recent lunar eclipse:



And a few other projects we’ve done for astronomy.  Balloons representing the sun and planets:

Astronomy Gen Science T-Shirt 001

Solar eclipse.  We were shining a flashlight toward the earth with the moon in between.

Science Firmoo NuNaturals 001

A salt dough model of Mercury which has been hit with many asteroids (it doesn’t have an atmosphere):

Tapestry cars drums 026

Tapestry cars drums 024

Dropping “asteroids” onto the surface of a “planet”:

Tapestry cars drums 023

In September and October we have several celebrations.  My husband and I have been married 16 years!



This pretty one is six:

audition & 7 Minute Life Daily Planner 020

audition & 7 Minute Life Daily Planner 011

This sweet boy is 8:

birthday speeches 001 birthday speeches 007

And here is our new 11-year-old:

M birthday Baked spaghetti 006


Check out my 2-year-old singing “Happy Birthday.”  She’s getting pretty good at it!

M birthday Baked spaghetti 004

And, last but not least, Dad!  (With the biggest cake fail ever.):

from iphone 025

from iphone 023


My two oldest sons presented speeches for their Young Speakers Guild assignments (part of the Institute for Cultural Communicators).  Here is “The History of Musical Theater.”

birthday speeches 018

And a recitation of  “The Remarkable Farkle McBride” by John Lithgow:

birthday speeches 020

I love this baseball painting that my daughter made at our Tapestry of Grace Fellowship Group (co-op).  It has a quote by Babe Ruth:

M birthday Baked spaghetti 023

Here is my loving 4-year-old:

M birthday Baked spaghetti 022

And this is what I’m looking like these days:

M birthday Baked spaghetti 010

I’m having a ball teaching the toddlers music at Tapestry:

Tapestry cars drums 019

My oldest daughter has made some dresses for her doll:

Tapestry cars drums 017 Tapestry cars drums 016

And we’re taking advantage of the great weather to play in the park each week while my oldest takes his saxophone lesson:

Tapestry cars drums 012 Tapestry cars drums 006 Tapestry cars drums 008

My second son has started a few projects:  taking Nerf guns apart, repainting them, and changing them:



Next week is the Showcase for the theater classes my kids started back in August.  My two oldest girls have LOVED their theater makup class!


from iphone 001

And a brand new hairstyle for the girls!

from iphone 002 from iphone 003 from iphone 005 from iphone 006

from iphone 013

from iphone 015


Please leave me a comment letting me know your favorite part of our “Weekly” Wrap-up!


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  2. Wow! You’ve had a lot going on in the past couple of months. Congrats, and congrats! I love traveling back in time through pictures. 🙂

  3. Wow, you’ve a busy and productive week! Lots of fellowship and love, the perfect ingredients.

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