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Sharkee the Bull Shark

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Here is a story by my 6 yo son:

There once was a shark whose name was Sharkee.  Sharkee was a bull shark.  His Mom went up to the ocean’s surface to get birds to eat.  (Bull sharks like to eat birds.)  Sharkee wondered how it feels to be grown up.  He asked his Mom and Dad.  They said, "I don’t know."  So he didn’t get any information.  It was his same old days.  And he didn’t have any fun.

One day he was playing with his friends, and a killer whale came by, but didn’t notice the sharks.  "Well, that was creepy", Sharkee said.  "It was", said his friend.  And they went on playing.  When he went home it was his lunch time.

–Isn’t that cute!?  He’s not finished.  I can’t wait to see what else Sharkee will do!

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  2. Thanks for sharing and for going in to so much detail.

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